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At WeWard, teamwork is not just an expression! All departments work together to develop new application features and improve the user experience. Our dream team is made up of rockstars in marketing, tech, sales, international, and customer success.

They all joined WeWard for the same reasons: a project that makes sense, the desire to positively impact society and the drive to achieve it. There is no micro-management here: each employee is given responsibility and we trust them to pursue their objectives, whether they work remotely or in the office!

Employee breakdown

  • Marketing


  • Tech


  • International


  • Business


  • Customer support


The Tech Team

The Tech Team consists of 3 departments

  • The Back-End team develops a robust architecture to provide a stable application
  • The Product team optimises the UX and UI of the application to provide the best user experience
  • The Data team aggregates user data to calculate physical activity and rewards

The technical teams work hand in hand with the business teams to meet users' expectations and build the leading application in its market!

The Marketing Team

The Marketing team is in charge of user acquisition, retention and monetisation strategies. The objective is to analyse user behaviour in order to implement new strategies and optimise them: communication and engagement campaigns, product and functionality improvements, social network and community management, etc.

The international team is also responsible for preparing and operating the launch of the application in new countries. WeWard is currently present in 7 countries in Europe —France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Germany, the UK and the Netherlands— and we are currently launching in the US! WeWard's goal is to make the app available worldwide!

The Revenue Team

The revenue team is responsible for partnerships with health and wellness brands, as well as with local businesses that wish to be visible on the app. By choosing its partners, it therefore has a direct impact on the sustainable and local economy.

We work directly with some of the biggest sports and wellness brands (Decathlon, Nike, Adidas, L'Oreal) which is extremely empowering.

Marie-Charlotte, Sales Manager