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Remote work 🌟

Employees are free to work from home

Pay 🌟

Salaries are re-evaluated every year.

Transport 🌟

50% of commuting costs are reimbursed

Lunch 🌟

Each employee receives meal vouchers

Outings 🌟

2 seminars per year and drinks every fortnight

Material 🌟

Each employee receives the computer of their choice for work

Career development

Our employees are growing at the same pace as the startup! We are in a state of hypergrowth and the adventure is still young. Also, there are many opportunities for development, both horizontally and vertically. Every six months, we discuss assignments and salaries with each employee in order to help them progress. WeWard is expanding internationally, creating challenges and opportunities on a global scale.

Testimony of Marie-Sophie Koeberlé - Chief of Staff

I joined WeWard in January 2021, in the position of Growth Marketing. After just one month, I launched my first retention campaign and felt I could have a tangible impact on WeWard's growth. As I gained the confidence of the team to test new growth strategies, I proposed product enhancements, implemented monetisation techniques and participated in the company's international development. The expansion of my role has resulted in a managerial position as well as a promotion to Chief of Staff and three salary increases every six months.

After just one month, I launched my first retention campaign and felt I could make a real impact on the growth of WeWard.


At WeWard, each newcomer benefits from a tailor-made onboarding with their manager, during which they learn to master the tools that will be useful to them in carrying out their missions. They also meet all the members of WeWard during short individual interviews to exchange their respective experiences. Then, quarterly meetings with the manager allow for a review of assignments and progress in the company. Training is encouraged so that everyone can deepen their professional skills. Finally, monthly "Ted Talks" are organised to share knowledge or invite experts to speak on a free topic.


Work life

Team rituals and events

Team rituals and events

Every two weeks, the team meets for a drink or for a fun and sport-related activity. These moments of exchange contribute to the general good atmosphere at work. Two seminars a year are also organised to allow the team to meet outside the professional framework.

In the office, monthly "Ted Talks" are held in which a member of staff or a guest of their choice speaks on a free topic that they wish to share with the other members. This is an opportunity to discover new passions and to learn more!