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Today, OVRSEA's teams are divided into 4 departments :

  • Business (Sales, Marketing & Revenue Operations): The objective of our Sales team is to boost the acquisition of new customers, retain them and maximise our revenue 📈
  • Tech (Data, Product & Tech): Our Tech team composed of software engineers, data scientists, product managers and designers are at the heart of the continuous improvement of our two platforms, Hermes and Atlas ! 💻
  • Operations (Supply, Operations & Operations Excellence): Our Operational teams are at the heart of Ovrsea's business and allow us to meet the operational needs of our customers 🚢
  • Corporate (HR, Finance & Legal): Our corporate team includes the HR, financial and legal support functions of OVRSEA 🤝 Our teams all share the same ambitions : to learn continuously, to surpass themselves and to do so in a spirit of sharing and mutual support 🚀

Employee breakdown

  • Business


  • Tech


  • Operations


  • Corporate


Our Operations Team

The Ops Team is at the heart of the OVRSEA customer experience: reactivity, excellence, pedagogy, and customer awareness are the leitmotiv !

From quotation requests to final invoicing, the ops team communicates in real-time with our customers concerning the evolution of their transports, informs them on the important stages, guides them in case of constraints and hazards, and is a force of proposal if the situation requires it.

The Operations team is the main contact for our customers and acts as a link between all our service providers, who have been chosen beforehand on the basis of the quality of service, responsiveness, and reliability.

Our Operations Managers are also in daily contact with the various service providers chosen (in general 4 to 5 service providers are necessary for an import: an agent in a foreign country, the shipping company, the customs declarant, and the carrier) and act as a link between all the parties involved throughout the duration of the transport.

Our operations team has several missions :

  • Provide our customers with an exceptional experience
  • To become the preferred freight forwarder for our suppliers
  • To be the reference in terms of expertise in the world of transportation, both for our customers and internally
  • To constantly push the limits of our knowledge through education
  • To have the best operational efficiency on the market
  • To question its working methods in order to revolutionize the freight forwarding business

For all these reasons, Ops plays a major role in OVRSEA's activity !

Our Account Executive Team :

Our Account Executives are in charge of managing a customer portfolio, from the hunt to short and medium term follow-up, including daily sales. Their mission is to convince customers to trust us and to do everything possible to keep them loyal, by advising them as best as possible in order to always offer them the best service. They also aim to develop a real long-term partnership with them in order to anchor the commercial relationship in the long term.

In a few points, being an Account Executive is :

  • Develop a portfolio of SME and ETI customers with recurring international flows.
  • Maintain a high level of knowledge in order to be an element of VA for our interlocutors, and ensure upsell.
  • Identify the most promising sectors to find new growth levers for the company and acquire new customers.
  • Ensure a permanent fluidity between the customers and the operational teams, you guarantee the quality of the service proposed.

Our BDR team

The mission of the BDR is clear and simple : to obtain appointments with qualified leads.

The BDR will be the first person in contact with a potential customer. His/her mission is to make sure that this customer is relevant to our business model (qualification), to present Ovrsea quickly and clearly to get a remote demonstration or a customer meeting.

Being a BDR means being the first ambassador of Ovrsea. To achieve this mission, the BDR will carry out three types of actions : prospecting, with the help of the marketing and sales teams, calling and emailing.

The objectives of the BDR are to :

  • Obtain 17 customer meetings or remote demonstrations with qualified customers per month
  • Make more than 40 outbound calls per day
  • To ensure the upstream filling of its leads

Being a BDR requires a good dose of rigor and execution to be able to follow up on all your leads without losing any ! It also means having the opportunity to work on a daily basis with all the Sales, Marketing and Growth Hacking teams.

The AM

Close to the import-export strategies of prestigious accounts, the AM is the figurehead of Ovrsea to advise them on the long term.

The missions are varied : from the study of the launch of a new product on a market, to the optimization of physical flows, through the reduction of the carbon footprint, or the reliability of a relationship with a distributor on the other side of the world, ... the AM is at the heart of the international influence of its customers.

AM must be able to lead long-term and cross-functional projects at the same time (calls for tender, API integration, opening of a country, etc.) while maintaining a strong day-to-day focus on current transport operations, working hand in hand with our operational teams.

By making the best use of all Ovrsea's resources, and by deploying enthusiasm and common sense, the Account Managers allow us to offer a dedicated customer experience, favoring upsell on new flows and limiting churn. The team will grow significantly in the coming months in order to better accommodate the many clients currently in the hands of the AEs.

It is a new and growing team, with a full exposure to the strategic developments of Ovrsea and our customers. Our work environment is demanding, often English speaking, with a multitude of contacts (purchasing management, finance management, supply management, general management) allowing a strong understanding of business strategies.

If you like customer contact, managing complex & long term sales processes while looking for the daily thrill of "quick win" : AM is for you !