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Paris, Barcelone, Miami, Milano, New York

Career development

We have several possible career opportunities within OVRSEA! Our employees have the possibility to either progress in their job and increase their expertise or to move into a managerial role.

We also promote internal mobility processes when recruitment opportunities arise in order to give everyone the opportunity to position themselves.

As part of our international growth, it is now also possible to benefit from geographical mobility depending on the opportunities that arise.

Testimonial from Joséphine Bouteiller, Head of Marketing

I joined OVRSEA in 2018 as the first Sales. For a year and a half, I went to meet the Supply Chain teams of SMEs and ETIs all over France. This allowed me to understand their organization, their expectations in terms of innovation.

I was able to sign my first customers and contribute to the evangelization of OVRSEA on the French market. In 2020, I moved to a Growth Lead position. Always at the service of OVRSEA's growth, my role was to identify or reactivate prospects by building relevant content for our audience, conducting campaign tests to distribute this content on the channels on which our audience is present, analyzing the results of these tests to perpetuate or not these tests and improve their performance.

18 months later, OVRSEA started its international expansion. It was no longer a question of managing campaigns in a single country, France, but in several countries.

The Marketing function was structured, other positions were created and, since 2022, I manage the entire Marketing team. Our role is to build a strong international brand and to make it shine, to launch and manage innovative campaigns and initiatives to contribute to OVRSEA's growth in France and on international markets.


At OVRSEA, we are committed to maintaining a stimulating and rewarding work environment for our employees so that they benefit from a real learning curve with us.

To this end, we offer occasional training courses (in English or Excel, for example), but we also regularly organise events to increase our skills together :

  • “Life my life” every two months to discover the daily life of our colleagues and their jobs
  • Invitations from experts during our external cultural presentations
  • A complete feedback system that allows us to continually work on our areas of improvement