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Past and future

Their story

Their story

To understand the story of OVRSEA, you have to go back to the other side of the world, to Australia, when Mathieu (our CFO) was still a student doing an internship with a furniture manufacturer. He was impressed by the complexity of managing transport for the company. Sending a parcel via Amazon could be done in two clicks, while shipping goods was still aberrantly complex.

On his return to France, he joined the HEC entrepreneurship programme with Arthur (our CEO) and Brieuc (our COO). The three friends asked themselves the following question: while international trade represents a significant part of the world's GDP, why has nothing been done to optimise the flow of goods? This is where the concept of OVRSEA was born.

To help them in this task, the 3 friends called Georges (our CPO) and Antoine (our CTO) to join them and help them build the whole technical dimension of the project. The 5 founders found each other and the crazy race begins.

The more they learn, the more they are struck by the complexity of the information they are given. The lack of education in the sector is frightening. Thus was born the DNA that will make the strength of OVRSEA : cultivating the art of learning and transmitting to constantly progress while helping others to progress.

In 5 years, OVRSEA has grown from 5 to more than 150 employees, always with the same idea in mind : through education and digital technology, to simplify freight transport for companies !


Creation of OVRSEA


Fundraising of 1.9 million euros


Partnership with Bolloré Logistic


Opening of 3 new countries in New York, Milan and Barcelona

April 2022

Increase to 100 employees

Their vision

Our Ambition : Making international transportation smarter and simpler through technology !

OVRSEA is one of the largest freight forwarders in Europe, offering optimal service quality on a large scale through technology.

We want to break down the barriers of complexity and opacity associated with the international transportation industry to make the experience simpler and transparent.

Their vision

Company values

Working at OVRSEA means working in an exciting and fast-growing industry, alongside an inspiring young team, all in an atmosphere of excellence and caring.

To ensure that this environment is maintained, our co-founders have, defined 5 key values from which our management rules and rituals are derived : Pedagogy, Care, Excellence, Questionning and Reliability.


We love to learn and transmit our knowledge. All our values (excellence, care, reliability and questioning) stem from this fundamental value.


We care about the people they work with, which means we listen to them, respect their opinions and encourage them. We prohibit condescending behavior.


This is the most important value in the transportation business : We honor our commitments, and if for some reason we can't meet them, we communicate proactively and in advance.


We are not perfect, but we are committed to giving our best and to continuously improving what has already been done.


What works today may not work tomorrow. We want to constantly question our practices, even when things are going well.

Commitments and CSR

Our mission is to put visibility at the service of energy efficiency !

On a daily basis, our commitment is twofold :

  • The lack of visibility and predictability in transport causes friction which is a source of pollution : safety stocks, over-supply, emergency air transport, etc. As a freight forwarder, we helps our customers to optimize their shipments to limit and even avoid certain CO2 emissions. And for those which are really incompressible, there is still the carbon compensation that OVRSEA offers for each transport thanks to our partnership with PUR Projet.
  • We has joined the Climate Act and is committed to having a complete carbon footprint every year, to publish it and to act concretely and sustainably to limit the emissions identified.

Finally, we regularly reports on the progress and green innovations of the sector's players through our newsletter, Le Chargeur, which summarizes the latest freight news for importing and exporting companies every week.


OVRSEA is committed to offering all parents fair conditions of leave in order to welcome a child in the most serene way. In April 2021, we signed the Parental Act which provides parental leave for the second parent -regardless of gender and status- for one month with 100% pay.

In order to smoothly resume work during the first month of return, OVRSEA also offers 4 half-days to be taken during the first 4 weeks.

Equality between women and men is a battle that will be won through concrete progress an we believe that each company has a role to play.