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Our teams

Discngine replaced the usual management "pyramid" with a decentralized structure consisting of small teams that take responsibility for their own governance and how they interact with other parts of the organization, all moving in the same direction. Discngine created 5 types of teams based on their function in the organization and is inviting people to take on multiple roles by joining various teams.

1 - Squads Customers: teams focused on developing, supporting, and maintaining custom solutions for clients, as well as widening our project portfolio within the customer.

2 - Squads R&D: Product teams that support, maintain, develop, and sell one product.

3 - Bands: Cross organization groups responsible for a transversal activity at the company which involves multiple squads (ex: Marketing, Business Development...).

4 - Guilds: groups of interest working around a specific topic for the company, often linked to technology, but not always! Example: Oracle / Facilitation.

5 - Tribes: groups working on the Discngine strategy for Services or R&D activities.

Employee breakdown

  • R&D


  • Services


  • Other (Admin, Marketing...)


4 years



members in more than one team

33 years old

Average Age

The 3decision Squad (example of Squad R&D)

3decision is a Squad working on developing a collaborative platform for storing, analyzing and sharing protein-ligand structures, sequences, and associated data. The team comprises numerous members of various scientific and technical backgrounds who are not only in charge of developing the platform; they also work on defining the business strategy. Developers, customer success managers, and business developers collaborate daily to ensure the platform evolves according to the customer needs and market directions.

Big Customer Squad (example of Squad Customer)

The purpose of a customer squad is to develop, support, and maintain custom solutions developed by Discngine for the customer. At the same time, the team has the responsibility to widen the project portfolio within the customer.

KNIME Guild (example of a Guild)

The KNIME Guild's purpose is to organize, oversee, coordinate, and facilitate the different KNIME activities going on inside and outside Discngine. By having a team that addresses the different tasks in a centralized and concerted way, Discngine benefits from always up-to-date knowledge validated by official KNIME certifications. The Guild is also collaborating with multiple teams across the organization (Marketing, BizDevs, Admins...) to maintain partnerships, offers, licences, infrastructures, and customers... Everything that is KNIME-related.

Service Tribe (example of a Tribe)

The Service Tribe manages and optimizes professional services activities run by Discngine, like staffing missions, forecasting, following up on sales opportunities, launching hiring campaigns, and triggering service-related marketing actions. The team contributes to the financial health and growth of Discngine and is also in charge of finding the best consultant activity balance (acceptable workload, a minimum time between missions...).

BizDev Band (example of a Band)

The band's purpose is to ensure the optimal efficiency of sales activities at Discngine and to help the company generate revenues. Its mission comprises defining and maintaining sales & marketing processes, creating a pleasant customer purchasing experience, preparing and maintaining cross-business unit training material for sales and tech sales activities and enabling cross-sales opportunities detection.