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Welcome to Discngine, a company based in the heart of Paris's 12th district. Since 2004, we've been at the forefront of developing bespoke and commercial IT solutions for the life sciences sector, partnering with global leaders in pharma, biotech, agrosciences and cosmetics. Our mission? To enable R&D departments to discover new molecules by providing them with innovative software programs.

At Discngine, we're committed to accelerating research activities for enterprises and institutions. Our work is about creating technology that makes a real difference for researchers. We ensure our solutions not only meet but exceed the dynamic needs of scientific exploration.

Our open management style fosters a workplace that's not just professional but convivial. At Discngine, strong team spirit, mutual support, and personal growth are the pillars of our everyday internal life.

What they are looking for

We're always on the lookout for new talents ready to evolve at the interface of Tech and Science! As we grow, so are the chances to join our dynamic team. Here's what we value in our future collaborators:

  • Proficiency in English

  • An autonomous work ethic and strong coding skills

  • Scientific curiosity and a proactive approach to problem-solving

  • Adaptability in software development coupled with methodological rigour

  • Strong analytical and synthesis skills

  • Interpersonal and communication abilities

  • Teamwork experience and a knack for fostering cooperation

  • A passion for knowledge-sharing and taking the initiative

Good to know

At Discngine, we're pioneering the teal organization model. This means moving away from traditional hierarchies to a world where small, self-managed teams drive their own governance. This approach not only empowers our teams but also opens doors to explore beyond your role, be it in DevOps, event organization, or recruitment for example.

Our core values—trust, commitment, transparency, caring, and simplicity—create an environment where everyone can find their place, forge strong bonds, and blossom while maintaining their unique identity. And yes, remote work has been part of our DNA long before it became a necessity.

Discngine is not just about work. Throughout the year, we regularly come together to celebrate, share, and shape our future. From “off-sites” to “Apéro”, our events are the perfect blend of enjoyment and friendship, reflecting the spirit of our team.

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