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Past and future

Their story

Their story

Discngine was founded in May 2004 by two Pfizer Alumni with the purpose of providing consulting services for Lab Automation & Discovery I.T.  

Growing steadily, Discngine launched its first software product in 2008 and its first SaaS solution in 2014, transforming its business model from a Service-only activity to a combined Services and licenses activity. 

In 2015, the company shifted its internal organization model and evolved from the classic predict and control "pyramid" to a more decentralized teal organization. 

In 2017, Discngine raised €1.1 million in Serie A to develop its SaaS activity, more precisely, to launch a new platform called 3decision.  

Today, Discngine keeps innovating internally through its management style and externally with its customers, taking on new projects at the edge of sciences and technology.  


Inception of Discngine


the value of the Serie A fundraising in 2017


The revenue of 2021


Number of customers


New organizational model

Their vision

Discngine is on the path to becoming a European leader in life science research informatics. 

Research in life science is at a turning point. The emergence of new technologies is leading organizations to rethink their research process, and the exponential increase of available data is opening new fields of exploration. 

That's why Discngine believes in developing data-centric solutions supporting the generation and tracking of new hypotheses, speeding up the research process. Prioritizing delivery by leveraging the Cloud and deploying mature new technologies that offer new perspectives for the exploitation & visualization of data, multidisciplinary collaboration, and integration of solutions. 

To do so, Discngine relies on dual-skilled employees evolving in an Agile environment and develops synergies with strategic partners, allowing us to address the most difficult challenges and respond to unmet needs in life science research informatics. 

Their vision

Company values

Discngine adopted a horizontal management style consisting of small teams responsible for their own governance. We work in an atmosphere based on trust, commitment, transparency, goodwill, simplicity, and fun!  This environment revises the usual concepts found in the "classical" workplace. 

  • We prefer mentoring over managing 
  • We prefer feedback over the title  
  • We prefer initiative over the job description 

  • We prefer processes over H.R. manager 

  • We prefer transparency over individual objectives 

  • We prefer progress recognition over individual bonuses 


Working closely with other team members, we are confident in their ability to complete the task at hand. We are focused on building a long-term relationship with our customers through our achievements. 


Japanese: literally, "continuous improvement." We keep improving our development technologies and methodologies, our internal organization, our products.  


Keep It Simple, Stupid. Pragmatic options are always our first choice. 


We, individually, are committed to the needs of our customers, the self-realization of our colleagues, and the development of our company's project. 


Together, we do everything we can to ensure that each of us can fully express our personality and explore our full potential in a respectful and supportive work environment. 

Commitments and CSR

Discngine is a company focused on the well-being of its employees. In this sense, from the hiring process of our employees and throughout their career in the company, we ensure that they can enjoy a good quality of life at work (integration process, real appreciation of work, financial assistance for purchasing of remote work equipment, and for commuting ...). 

Discngine is also engaged in an ISO certification process, which will allow us to guarantee foolproof security to all of our stakeholders (suppliers, customers, partners...)