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Remote policy

Discngine doesn't have mandatory guidelines about working remotely or in the office; all the tools are provided so you can do both. The choice is yours! 

Rituals and meetings will take place as they usually do. Only one rule applies: "one remote, everyone remote"!  

If teams need to meet to tackle important topics, members organize themselves a "mini-offsite". It is a moment for people to gather, exchange ideas, collaborate, and bond in a unique place. The time and place are chosen by the teams who organize it! 

Includes 💻

Discngine offers multiple advantages. And more to come as we recently passed the 50-person mark! 

  • RTT or compensatory rest,  
  • Luncheon vouchers,  

  • Mutual insurance/prevoyance,  

  • Profit-sharing,  

  • CESU/E-CESU childcare,  

  • Reimbursement of 50% of the transport subscription,  

  • Teleworking allowance,  

  • Help with the purchase of computer and office equipment