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Beamy's platform is helping large companies to fully exploit the power of technology!

Context: In the past few years, the Cloud’s emergence and the growing number of SaaS apps have helped companies digitise the business quickly and easily. Organisations wishing to innovate continuously must embrace these new practices with agility. Beamy's objective: orchestrate the digital transformation of companies by having stakeholders collaborate within the same platform.

Product : Beamy consolidates all the company's digital knowledge, providing a clear, real-time overview of the SaaS stack (number, usage, risks, etc.). Governance of the IT stack is streamlined, helping all stakeholders to coordinate when implementing a new application or renewing an existing one.

The Adventure: Beamy's offer is unique on the market. With around fifteen French key accounts signed since April 2020, despite the COVID crisis, today's goal is to expand to the European and international markets. This involves recruiting the best talent. Beamy currently has 25 employees and hopes to double its workforce by the end of 2021.

What they are looking for

Beamy is constantly looking for the most ambitious, enthusiastic and passionate candidates.

The team is very attentive to recruitment. Beamy ensures that new Beamers share the same values, ambition and passion for the project. Each member has substantial expertise, and Beamy relies on their experience to share ideas and challenge and improve existing ones.

The progression of each member is crucial: the Software Engineers are continuously trained on new technologies and best practices. The Sales & Ops teams get training in advanced sales techniques. Everyone can also receive coaching on various topics such as operational efficiency, leadership, GDPR or IS architecture within large organisations.

Good to know

Joining Beamy

Joining Beamy means, above all, reflecting the following values:

Individual responsibility: "Each Beamer is autonomous, proactive and fully responsible for his/her subjects and results."

Resilience: "We operate in a complex and changing environment where we must learn continuously, bounce back from our failures while refusing the status quo."

Honesty: "Ego has no place at Beamy. We are transparent with each other. The company's financial situation, the objectives (OKRs), and the challenges of each team are disclosed regularly.

Team first: "Internally, we call it 'OneBeamy'. At Beamy, the organisation is very flat, everyone is involved, and 100% of the employees have shares in the company's capital.

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