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Who hasn’t used Notion, Airtable or Zoom at least once? SaaS applications are everywhere to make our working life easier. Easily accessible, SaaS offers employees new ways of working.

Beamy is a French company. We help more than 40 major players such as Decathlon, BNP Paribas, Vinci, and CM Arkea. Our goal is to make SaaS monitoring & governance a top priority for Large Enterprises.

What they are looking for

In a growing phase, the Beamy team is seeking individuals who are able to invest themselves and ready to take on exciting challenges. Beyond skills, we are looking for profiles of entrepreneurs with a creative spirit who are not afraid to leave their comfort zone.

Beamy ensures that new members share the same values, ambition, and passion for the project. Each member has significant expertise, and Beamy relies on their experience to share ideas, challenge existing ones and improve upon them.

Good to know

Joining Beamy means reflecting those values:

1Beamy mindset & support: We prioritize collective interest above individual ones, embracing a "Radical Candor" mindset while remaining accessible to each other. As one unified team, we navigate challenges together, offering help and constructive feedback. This culture of openness, collaboration, and mutual support is key to our collective success.

Full Trust & Full Accountability: We embrace trust and encourage taking risks right from the start, focusing on healthy communication of frustrations rather than harboring suspicion. Sincerity is paramount, with no room for internal politics. We advocate for a "0-excuse mindset," taking full responsibility for our actions without blaming others. Commitment is key, as we hold ourselves accountable to fulfill our promises.

Transform ourselves & our impact: "I know that I know nothing." We encourages a culture of active listening and openness to being challenged. This mindset fosters growth through adversity and a relentless pursuit of self-improvement. We are committed to continuously elevating our performance, maximizing efficiency, and broadening our cross-functional impact. By acknowledging our limitations, we set the stage for greater learning and development, ensuring that we constantly strive to exceed our previous achievements and enhance our contributions across the board.

Achieving stellar ambition: "Work High Level Athlete" approach means applying the necessary effort and intensity akin to that of a top athlete in our daily tasks. It embodies an "extra miles mindset". This does not equate to perfectionism. The goal is not just personal advancement but also to uplift the entire Beamy team, contributing to raising everyone's performance level.

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