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SaaS apps are now everywhere to make our working life easier. Who hasn’t used Notion, Airtable, Atlassian, Adobe or Zoom at least once? Easily accessible, innovative and less expensive, this massive and widespread use is part of an underlying trend that is accelerating continuously. It offers employees new ways of working. This is what we call Business Led-IT.

Beamy centralises SaaS knowledge on a single platform to master usage, optimise contracts and mitigate associated risks. Beamy helps to build an effective SaaS governance between all key stakeholders (Business Units, CIOs, CISOs, DPOs etc.) by using powerful automated workflows.

In this way, Beamy re-establishes communication between the business teams (Marketing, HR, Finance, etc.) and the IT department. The entire company can then orchestrate their digitalisation through a single platform in a secured, compliant and transparent way.

What they are looking for

Beamy is constantly looking for the most ambitious, enthusiastic and passionate candidates.

The team is very attentive to recruitment. Beamy ensures that new Beamers share the same values, ambition and passion for the project. Each member has substantial expertise, and Beamy relies on their experience to share ideas and challenge and improve existing ones.

The progression of each member is crucial: the Software Engineers are continuously trained on new technologies and best practices. The Sales & Ops teams get training in advanced sales techniques. Everyone can also receive coaching on various topics such as operational efficiency, leadership, GDPR or IS architecture within large organisations.

Good to know

Joining Beamy means, above all, reflecting the following values:

Full trust, full honesty:

Trust comes from honesty: trust is sometimes hard to acquire, but this is given “by default” at Beamy. If you’ve been hired, we trust you. We make it work in the long term by providing regular feedback and by empowering and training people.

Rising with no ego:

Ego has no place at Beamy. We are transparent with each other. The company's financial situation, the objectives (OKRs), and the challenges of each team are disclosed regularly. It is good to know that you can make mistakes. We truly believe that when we step back and admit our mistakes, we can do better afterwards.

Ambitious Ownership:

Each Beamer is autonomous, proactive and fully responsible for her/his subjects and results. Giving ownership to people from the beginning allows us to encourage them to take risks and be comfortable. We compete with great international companies and we don’t want to micro-manage. We hire people who will commit to take a wide ownership in the company (never leave a problem unsolved or put a strategic task aside).

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