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  • Short and insightful articles to help you identify your cognitive biases, understand how they affect HR, and what to do to address them.

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  • Moving to Barcelona for work? Navigate the job jungle in this international hub with our insider tips, advice from locals and insights from industry experts.

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  • In this Oh My Job series, discover tech roles through those who practice them everyday.

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  • How to is a series of reports attempting to explain these issues while sharing initiatives and potential solutions.

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  1. How to cope with your depression at work

    If you're experiencing depression at work, this guide will help you keep your professional life intact while prioritising your mental health.

    • Workers
  2. I want to quit my job, but I can’t

    The Great Resignation has seen millions of US workers quit in the past nine months. But what about those who are stuck in jobs they can’t leave?

    • Workers
  3. The Four-Day Work Week: Is the US Ready?

    After eight decades of the five-day workweek, we are seeing a shift to a new form of work-life balance. What would you do with an extra day off?

    • Workers
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