Welcome to the Jungle Services

Since its creation, Coruscant SAS (« WTTJ ») has been committed to bringing companies and candidates together in an innovative and rewarding environment for all.

As such, WTTJ encourages companies to ensure an optimal and ethical recruitment experience for candidates by adhering to strong ethical and professional principles.

WTTJ publishes this Charter in order to affirm the values it considers essential to the proper use of its services, while leaving it to companies to define their own recruitment policy and the content of their job offers, in compliance with the regulations and good practices.

The following principles are considered by WTTJ to be essential for recruitment that is respectful of candidates and rewarding for recruiters:

  • Present the company, the position to be filled, the profile sought and the working environment in a complete, transparent and fair manner;

  • adopt a professional and benevolent attitude towards each candidate and respect the principles of non-discrimination and equal treatment by examining all applications exclusively on the basis of objective and non-discriminatory criteria within the meaning of the applicable regulations (in particular under Article L 1132-1 of the French Labour Code);

  • inform each candidate, prior to his/her application, of the recruitment methods that may be used by the recruiter;

  • ask each candidate :

    • the only information necessary to assess his/her professional suitability for the job offered;

    • their written consent before proceeding with a diploma or reference check;

  • Respond to all applications for a job vacancy as soon as possible and keep candidates informed of the progress of the recruitment process (particularly with regard to candidates not selected for the post);

  • guarantee the confidentiality of exchanges and compliance with regulations on personal data and respect for privacy, in particular by informing candidates of the possible retention of their file.

WTTJ invites all companies to raise awareness of the prohibition of discrimination in recruitment by providing them with the Rights Defender’s Guide available at

Any company can also find out about its personal data protection and privacy obligations for any recruitment process from the CNIL website at