for Welcome to the Jungle clients

Since its creation in 2015, Welcome to the Jungle’s mission is to give work a lasting place in our lives. We want to help everyone work better, starting with a re-enchanted recruitment experience.

Through the Welcome to the Jungle platform, we help candidates to decipher the world of work and join the company that matches their aspirations. We also provide companies a Profile to present their business, their corporate culture, promote their employer brand and their uniqueness on the job market.

With this Charter, we want to remind companies of the legal framework as well as the values of ethics, professionalism, and good practice that we believe are essential to a successful and rewarding recruitment experience for all.

We therefore encourage companies to read the following carefully and to comply with the rules and recommendations that will contribute to the successful use of our services:

  • We remind our clients of the need to comply with the applicable laws and regulations, particularly in terms of non-discrimination and equal treatment, respect for privacy and the protection of personal data. To this end, we invite our clients to raise awareness among their teams, in particular with the help of publications on the subject by the Défenseur des droits or the CNIL.

  • We remind our clients of their obligation to present the company, the positions to be filled and the profiles sought in a complete, transparent, and fair manner.

  • We strongly encourage our clients to inform candidates of their recruitment methods and processes before they apply.

  • We strongly encourage our clients to adopt a professional and caring attitude towards each candidate. This includes:

    • only asking candidates for the information they need to assess their professional skills;
    • responding to all applications as quickly as possible;
    • keeping candidates informed of developments in the recruitment process (particularly with regard to candidates not selected for the post).

As a platform, Welcome to the Jungle does not exercise general supervision over the content published by its clients.

For this reason, and to ensure compliance with the obligations arising from this Charter, we encourage candidates to report any content that is contrary to these obligations. These reports should be made via our contact form.

For more information on the rules governing the handling of reports, we invite users of our platform to consult the “Reports” section of the Terms of Use.