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Career development

Our career policy is very much in line with our values, such as full trust & ambitious ownership. We follow meritocracy principles, and put competence above all. 

The career path is worked on daily basis, supported by a weekly 1:1 with the Team Lead for all Beamers. This meeting is an opportunity to share feedback, to co-build our objectives, but also to trigger an action plan for learning, progression and improvement when necessary. We allow career reviews twice a year.

We believe that people empowerment is a key to success. Thus, we make it a priority to value and celebrate successes, to favour ambitious behaviours : internal mobility, managerial development, expertise development, etc.

Testimonial from culture, short focus :

  • We are one team, where the collective always comes before the individual. We support each other despite hard times we will face, with a positive mindset. We maintain a safe and inclusive environment for everyone around. Our impact should be considered as company-wide.

  • Mistakes are part of the learning and rising process, we strive to see our own and share them openly. We step back and are humble by design as we are not aware of our current unconscious incompetence. We avoid finding excuses, and always focus first on our own improvement area rather than others’.