Growth Manager - Acquisition SEA, SEO

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Salaire : Non spécifié
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Expérience : > 3 ans
Compétences & expertises
Stratégies de vente
Gestion de projets
Recherche et analyse de données
Compétences en communication
Suivi des performances


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Your missions will include the following one (non-exhaustive list):

  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to create comprehensive communication campaigns that clearly communicate the product’s value to the right persona This involves developing ad campaigns, google ads management, SEO positioning, blog posts, and more.

  • Play a key role in boosting self-serve through the marketplace. Collaborate with relevant stakeholders to offer the right training to end-users and implement targeted pop-ups and notifications to increase awareness of our services and options.

  • Monitor the performance and business impact. Foster a sense of urgency within various teams, gather KPIs and track different touchpoints, monitor the sales deals, and conduct frequent updates with various stakeholders to make necessary strategy adjustments.

  • Optimize our internal processes with different tools such as emailing, no-code automations, etc in order to successfully impact global productivity of the team and our ability to scale and grow quickly

Profil recherché

The ideal candidate

  • Fluency in French is mandatory

  • Previous experience in B2B

  • You already worked with SEMrush (or a similar tool)

  • You are data-oriented, in order to use any supportive data available to take informed decisions

  • You possess excellent organizational skills. Your proactive and rigorous approach allows you to effectively manage multiple projects and tasks concurrently.

  • Your strong interpersonal skills enable you to adapt and collaborate effectively with various stakeholders. You will need to be able to convince and drive impact both internally and externally.

  • You’re adept at using AI tools like ChatGPT for refining, crafting, modifying, generating ideas, and more.

The perfect match?

You will thrive at Alpagga if:

  • You are looking for a job with strong responsibility coupled with freedom of initiative and would like to get involved in an ambitious project.

  • You have a strong taste for new technologies, marketplaces and digital transformation, and wish to practice in a constantly evolving environment.

  • You like transparent environments where everyone can learn and be heard.

Déroulement des entretiens

  • 1st call with our Charlotte (head of Product)

  • 2nd meeting with Charlotte & Max (PM)

  • 3rd meeting with Geoffrey (CEO) & Victor (head of Sales)

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