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We see our team as a sports team, rather than as a family or an old group of friends. For us, it’s the best way to succeed at our mission because it creates a stimulating environment that encourages flexibility, solid collaborations, and a clear goal we all share.


Employee breakdown

  • Product & Engineering


  • Go-To-Market


  • Operations


Go-To-Market Team

The Go-To-Market team is made of Sales, Growth & Marketing, Brand & Content teams. They work hand in hand to ensure they’re aligned with our objective: Maki’s growth and notoriety.

If you want to build a boat, don’t assemble your men and women to give them orders, to explain every detail, tell them where to find every thing… If you want to build a boat, plant a seed in your men and women’s heart from where grows their own desire of the sea.” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Maxime Legardez, CEO

L'Equipe Assessment Strategy & Content

The Assessment Strategy & Content team is in charge of building and updating our test library, in order to continuously optimize it. It collects feedback from candidates that take tests, to ensure Maki offers a pristine user experience. The team shines from its consideration for candidates and its capacity for data-based decision-making. If you love data and want to dig deep into ALL skill types, this team is made for you!

What I love about the team is the variety of projects, identifying experts to create new tests and analyzing data from all our assessments, while making sure candidates love Maki!

Paul-Louis Caylar, Co-founder & COO

Tech team

The Tech team specifies, designs and develops tomorrow’s recruiting experiences. Made of product Managers, Product Designers and Software Engineers, our Tech team works together with recruiters, candidates and all Maki teams to make tomorrow’s recruitment processes more efficient.

At Maki, we enable all of our team members to build innovative experiences and have impact to build the best hiring process in the world.

Ben Chino, Co-founder & CPO

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