Recruitment, SaaS / Cloud Services, Software


Organization and methodologies

Our Tech team’s organization follows Maki’s values. Sky-is-the-limit when setting our ambitions, which is reflected by the objectives we set for ourselves every trimester. We experiment depending on what we’d like to try out and self-organize to get there (sprints, rituals).

Our only imperative is to document all our actions, from research to decision-making without forgetting execution. By doing so, we wish to set a context where learning is constant, make our operations crystal clear, accelerate onboarding. In short, we believe we can always do better!

Recruitment process

The application process depends on the role, but generally consists of 3-4 steps.

Step 1: First call with the hiring manager to discuss past experiences and evaluate motivation.

Step 2: Maki assessment (short tests + case study or live coding) Short test series (cognitive aptitudes / personality traits) and a longer exercise that depends on the job (design, case study, live coding).

Step 3: Presentation of the exercise and more about you 60min structured conversation to debrief the assessment, explore operational principles in more depth together, and exchange questions.

Optional: 1-2 informal meetings to meet our team and check out how we work.

Step 4: Offer sent 20 days after the process began.