Stage Bras Droit CEO

Stage Bras Droit CEO

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    700 à 1 000 € par mois
    Télétravail occasionnel
    Éducation : Bac +3
    Expérience : > 6 mois

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    Who are they?

    About us

    SENSATERRA is the European marketplace offering hot beverages (tea, coffee, chocolate…) directly from independent specialists/craftsmen

    🌍 Currently in France, Germany and Italy, our wish is to become the leading marketplace for hot beverages, whether for consumers or for hot drinks specialists

    👩‍ SENSATERRA’s mission is to make daily life happier by offering a wide offering of different high-quality products to consumers, from many different ethical specialists. Whether you are an expert or a beginner coffee/tea consumer, you can find your dream products thanks to our easy-to-use and interactive platform. And don’t worry, you will find the equipment adapted to your preferred coffee/tea.
    Because we know how important a hot drink is to everybody’s routine!

    SENSATERRA has been launched in January 2020, by a 4-co-founders team, including Denis Fayolle (Business Angel), Maxence Béguin, Clément Marty & Camille Rodriguez. We are now an international team of 13 people.
    The website is launched the 26.02.2021 so you will join our Start-Up from the beginning and grow with us!

    Our values:

    💕 Please find below our most important values:

    Challenges: You are fond of challenges? Objectives do not scare you and overcoming them is your mindset? You will fit Sensaterra ! Challenges motivated us and we work as a team to overcome them everyday 😊

    Curiosity: In our opinion, tolerance, open-mindedness and willingness to discover are at the core of our values. We want you to grow and keep your curiosity growing within the company. Thus, you will have the opportunity to attend diverse speeches and training and you will have a personalized follow-up.

    Trust: Trust is our keyword, whether it is within the company or with our suppliers. Working with SENSATERRA means having responsibilities from day 1 and evolving within the company (regular internal promotions)

    Team spirit: As great sportsmen/women, we believe the only way to achieve our mission and fill our objectives is by working together!

    If you find yourself into this description, don’t hesitate anymore and meet us for this great adventure 😊

    Job description

    Required profile

    We are looking for a great talent to be Bras Droit CEO intern and develop and be fully in charge of our three markets, after contracts were signed. You will also develop and manage special projects like “Coffee Project” with Artisan. You will join the adventure from the beginning and you will contribute to the growth of the company in Europe. You will be managed by one of the co-founder and be her Bras-Droit. You will work in a multicultural company & offices (job based in the city center of Paris).

    As a Bras Droit CEO, you will be in charge of growing the company business on the Italian, French and German market. Main responsibilities include:

    1. Purchase & Account Management : You will be in charge with the co-founder of thecoffee & tea purchase for B2B customer. Negotitaion, stock, orders, logistics & orga, communication on these products, tatsing …

    2. Communication & Strategic projects: You will lead, with the co-founder, differents projects to accelerate the growth of the company. Brand new projects in which you have to create the strategy, organize the planning and gather internal and external contacts to make this project become a success.

    3. Sales : You will contribute with the co-founder to fair and assist her on sales B2B process: prospection, quote creation, tatsing organization and many more. You will have access to internal tools in order to follow customer numbers and develop a proper sourcing strategy. You will also help us structure the processes that will allow all new joiners to be more efficient!

    4. And of course, you will be the best SENSATERRA representative during hot beverages fairs & events.

    Additional benefits

    ● Office in the center of Paris: Sentier, the ‘French Silicon Valley’ ● Opportunity to become one of the 1st employee of a fast-growing startup and create everything from scratch ● Sharing offices with 3 other companies which are mainly hiring international profiles (you will meet lots of French speaking people!) ● Opportunity to learn from people that faced with the same issues to grow their businesses in Europe ● Fully-equipped office with, of course, high-quality free hot drinks 😊 **● Remuneration: **Alternance Wage/ internship : 700€ + bonus ● 50% Navigo (transportation pass) ● Good work-life balance

    Preferred experience

    ● You are fond of challenges; you are proactive and ultra-motivated by being invested in an ambitious start-up launch and growth
    ● You can work in autonomy while you are not afraid of asking questions if any doubt and you know how to prioritize tasks depending on business global strategy
    ● You already have sales experience (or feel you can do it!)
    ● Your mantra is “There is no problem, only opportunities!”
    ● You are not afraid to pick up the phone, get in contact with people, to solve an issue.
    You speak Italian and/or German and/or French fluently
    ● You speak English
    ● You are passionate or just very curious about the hot beverages market

    Recruitment process

    1. Interview with our Team

    2. Interview with Camille, Co-founder and your future manager

    3. Interview with Maxence, Cofounder and co-CEO


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