Product Manager

  • CDI 
  • Début :  
  • Salaire entre €55 et €65
  • Paris
  • Télétravail partiel possible
  • > 3 ans

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    Product Manager

    • CDI 
    • Début :  
    • Salaire entre €55 et €65
    • Paris
    • Télétravail partiel possible
    • > 3 ans

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    Lixo is a Paris-based startup developing solutions to reduce the impact of waste on our
    By combining computer vision, miniaturisation of algorithms, and web tools, Lixo enables waste
    management companies to analyze waste flows anywhere, in real time, therefore boosting their
    ability to valorize waste at its best.
    Lixo’s solution is composed of 3 tech bricks :

    • Hardware devices containing a camera and a microcomputer, installed on client’s sites,
    • Computer vision algorithms analyzing the images captured by the devices in real time
    • Dashboards display the algorithm results in the form of relevant industrial KPIs

    Job description

    We are a young startup, mostly composed of tech, and we recently raised our 3M+ seed round !
    We are looking for a product rockstar to boost our impact.

    The role is key to our development and comprises many aspects:

    • Build the product strategy hand-in-hand with the CEO and the Head of Strategy

      • Conduct a thorough study of the existing tools used by the different clients (ERP, logistic management software, etc.
      • Build a 2-4 year product strategy based on findings
      • Define and measure the right product KPIs
    • Manage the product development cycle : from the discovery phase, to the creation of user stories and the management of backlog, hand-in-hand with the Tech team

      • Manage the discovery phase : conduct user interviews to understand user needs, pain points, organise ideation workshops, user tests.
      • Write the User Stories and build wireframes and mockups
      • Build and manage the product team
    • Be the voice of Lixo in the product community !*

    What we offer

    • This is a key role in the company : you’ll spend a lot of time with our clients (mostly remotely, but some travels might be needed onsite : sorting and recycling plants are fun!)
    • This is a key moment in the company : we have clients all across France and a kickstarting our international development with a lot of new projects (and an exciting venture round behind us)
    • This is a key challenge : developing tech tools for the circular economy is a massive challenge and we’re looking for great people to be up to it !

    Preferred experience


    • Analytical mind (to analyse and prioritize clients’ needs and usages)
    • Know-how to manage roadmaps (discovery and delivery)
    • Huge interest for the circular economy and industrial challenges
    • Excellent communication skills to engage with all stakeholders within and outside the company
    • Strong organisational skills


    • 3-5 years of experience as a product manager, preferably working on SaaS / industrial products
    • Experience in management of UX/UI designers and Fullstack devs
    • Experience in user testing appreciated
    • Experience in market studies appreciated


    • Figma, Sketch or other wireframing / mockup tool (+)
    • English + French proficiency required

    Recruitment process

    1. First interview with the CEO to go through the job posting (20mn call)
    2. Case study with the CEO (1 hour call)
    3. Interviews with CTO + Fullstack dev (1 hour call)
    4. Fit interviews with the team (1 hour in person with coffee, tea or beer)
    Questions and answers about the offer
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