Product Integration Engineer (H/F)

Product Integration Engineer (H/F)

  • 10, Rue de la Victoire, Paris, 75009
  • CDI 
    50K à 55K €
    Ouvert au télétravail total
    Éducation : Non spécifié
    Expérience : > 2 ans

    Qui sont-ils ?

    Today, about 1 in 6 jobs is in the manufacturing sector, but a vast majority of factories provide outdated tools (paper, whiteboard, spoken voice) to the shop floor. This leads to low operational efficiency and low workforce engagement.

    Our mission is to empower and engage this workforce across Europe and the world. We aim to bridge the technological divides and contribute to industrial re-shoring. This is why we are building Fabriq, an intuitive, shopfloor-ready app (web and mobile) to:

    • Save time and solve operational issues faster 🏃‍♀️

    • Collaborate on complex issues 🤝

    • Build and use an operational knowledge base 📚

    • Track performance and detect issues early 📊

    Fabriq was founded in 2019 by two seasoned entrepreneurs, Octave Lapeyronie and François Déchelette. It is generating very good traction on its market and is currently live on 150+ production sites in 23 countries. A Series A was closed in May 2022.

    Some references (in 🇫🇷) :

    Descriptif du poste


    • To Facilitate the signing of new contracts by reassuring prospects of all technical issues and questions (pre-sale)

    • To facilitate product implementation and product integration into clients’ IT/shop floor ecosystems (post-sale)


    At the pre-sale stage:

    • Understand the prospect’s/customer’s technical needs

    • Convince the prospect’s IT teams and help sell the solution


    • Help the customer’s IT, Data teams and Fabriq Ops team to implement the solution

    • Ensure that technical information is passed on to prospects/customers


    As a Product Integration Engineer, your challenge will be to:

    1. Develop a deep technical and functional knowledge of our product

    2. Build and maintain strong relationships with our strategic customers in order to understand their businesses and operational environments

    3. Use your expertise in our product and our customer’s environments to maximize their value by using our solution


    • Serve as the primary point of contact for technical integration inquiries for assigned customers and prospects

    • Create, maintain, and present the Fabriq Product integration standard and approach to the customers both in the pre-sales phase (assisting the Sales Team) and in the pilot and deployment phases (assisting the Onboarding and CSM Team).

    • Anticipate potential technical obstacles and proactively propose solutions for customers

    • Provide technical expertise and guidance to customers to ensure the successful implementation of Fabriq including API and SSO integration

    • Work closely with the Ops and Sales teams to identify and address any technical challenges that may impact customer satisfaction

    • Be the technical advocate for Fabriq that facilitates user adoption of our solution

    • Collaborate with Engineering teams to resolve complex technical issues and develop new features based on customer feedback

    • Enable the product, customer success, and sales teams to drive revenue

    • Document all technical information useful to Ops as well as to customers or prospects

    • Train and support ops and sales staff in developing their skills in technical subjects

    • Improve pre-sales and after-sales technical intervention processes

    • Automate technical operations as much as possible

    The stack

    The Fabriq web application is a typical single-page-application, in Vue.js, backed by a REST API.

    We rely on the components library Vuetify, but are slowly moving away from it by replacing its components with our own, developed as part of our design system.

    We have introduced TypeScript to the front-end codebase and will progressively increase its use.

    The front-end application is continuously deployed with Cloudflare Pages, which allows for preview URLs on pull requests.

    We use Zeplin to share wireframes, Claap to share videos of our work, and Sentry to log errors.

    We also offer a mobile application, developed with Vue.js and Capacitor (the current position is for the web application only).

    On the back-end, we have a Django server that exposes a REST API, alongside a collection of services in TypeScript that run on Cloudflare Workers. We are progressively moving away from Django by adding more services to Cloudflare Workers.

    The Django servers runs in AWS, on EC2 instances, whose images are built using Packer. The infrastructure on AWS is entirely managed with Terraform.

    We use Honeycomb, Sentry and Datadog for observability.

    Profil recherché

    To apply for this job, you must have:

    • Minimum 2 years experience in this position

    • Good organizational skills and ability to prioritize actions

    • The ability to work in English

    • Proven technology skills, outstanding interpersonal abilities, and strong written and verbal communication skills

    • Attention to detail, plus analytical and problem-solving capabilities

    • Positive, service-oriented personality

    • Willingness to travel (occasional travel to our customers’ sites is to be expected)

    • Attention to detail, plus analytical and problem-solving capabilities

    • Technical knowledge of integrations and authentication

    • Know how an API works (rest, webhooks) - have already integrated an API

    • Knowledge of databases is a plus

    • Curious

    Déroulement des entretiens

    • Screening/Candidate selection - 30 min

      • Goal: test the compatibility between the desire of the candidate and the need of Fabriq

      • Presentation of the company, current issues, and work environment

      • Gathering of information on the candidate’s availability, desires, and salary

    • Technical interview - 60 min

      • Goal: test the candidate’s technical skills
    • Team interview - 60min

      • Goal: test the person’s ability to integrate into the team, to work in a team, to explain their knowledge
    • Meet the CEO - 45 minutes

      • Goal: Present the company’s vision, the candidate shares their final questions and salary expectations

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