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Past and future

Our History

Our History

Elevo was co-founded by 3 engineers. Hence, we have a very scientific and no-bullshit approach to all the problems we solve for our customers, but also to the way we are building our internal operations.

Also, we have put people engagement and development at the very core of our culture. This is even more important to us, than short term financial success.

We are in it for a long term success and this will only be feasible with an aligned team of people, that want to develop themselves every day.


Launch of the Elevo application with 10 beta-testers.


Number of customers.


Fundraising to date, with worldwide-known investors.


Countries where Elevo product is used.

Company values

Our values

Our values

Succeed as a team (there is no individual star at Elevo) with Pragmatism (Pragmatic, effective and responsible for our customers) Perseverance (Grit always wins, improve and grow individually and collectively) People-centricity (Preserve the well-being of all our ecosystem and everyone is welcome)


The success of Elevo could not be satisfying if it was done at the expense of people. Everyone's well-being is essential and cannot be sacrificed to the needs of the company. It is one of our priorities to preserve the balance between personal life and professional life.


Everyone is autonomous and responsible to pursue his mission. We expect everyone to look for a solution on their own without stubbornness before asking others for help. The proposed solutions are always effective, pragmatic and adapted to the needs. Everyone invests his own time to improve the impact of the collective.


At Elevo, we do our best and we don't stop there, especially as each failure teaches more than successes.

Everyone knows they can rely on others to help them move forward and improve. Everyone is committed to sharing their learnings to the group.

Succeed as a team

At Elevo, we are demanding and we want to be the best in our field. The quality of both our products and our services is constantly challenged and improved. But this excellence is collective and cannot be the work of a single individual. Arrogance and selfishness are not welcome here. The only star at Elevo, is ... Elevo !