Senior Data Engineer

Senior Data Engineer

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    Expérience : > 4 ans

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    Who are they?

    At its core, Brigad has always believed that anyone should be able to pursue his/her passion while being well valued, considered and, above all, free. This means being able to fulfill oneself in one’s job and career, reaching a sustainable work-life balance, being paid in a fair way and respected.

    Brigad is proud to enable thousands of talents, and tomorrow millions, to experience this lifestyle. We believe so firmly in our mission “Make work attractive and valuable to all” that we even decided to carve it into the charter of our “entreprise à mission” status (equivalent to US B-Corp).

    Since 2016, this ambition is translated into building the best app of the market enabling self-employed professionals and hospitality businesses to connect for short-term missions.

    ⭐️ Our users realize that we make a difference by currently giving a NPS of 77/100 over 5,000 answers, and sharing how Brigad changed their life.

    If originally Brigad deployed itself in the catering (restaurants, collective catering) and healthcare sectors (care homes and clinics), tomorrow, even more sectors will be concerned: everywhere talents aren’t equipped to pursue their passion while being properly considered and free.

    Brigad is currently available in the largest cities in France (Paris, Lille, Lyon, Bordeaux, Marseille, Strasbourg..) and in the UK, with the ambition to expand well beyond in France and Europe.

    Exciting challenges are waiting for you: expect to discover new countries, new industries, a top-notch product, a fast-paced development, and above all a solid team united around a truly concrete and positive impact on our daily users’ lives. A spirit that can also be found on Glassdoor and the grade of 4.7/5.

    Job description

    Your mission:

    You will be in charge, within the Data Engineering team, in the development and deployment of data ingestion pipelines, data access solutions, and databases in order to generate actionable insights for the Brigad teams.

    Your responsibilities:

    • Support of Data Analytics and Product teams in their data and availability needs ;
    • Development of ingestion pipelines for new data sources ;
    • Raw data cleaning, deduplication and normalization using DBT ;
    • Development and maintenance of orchestration pipelines ;
    • Creation of data products in pair with development teams ;
    • Development and maintenance of ETL/ELT pipelines ;
    • Monitoring and alerting of pipelines ;
    • Optimization of distributed computing in a Big Data framework (Spark / Databricks) ;
    • Data governance and access control.

    Our current Data Stack:

    • Airbyte for ingestion from Saas ;
    • Debezium for databases ingestion ;
    • Kafka as the broker for ingestion decoupling ;
    • Prefect for pipelines development and orchestration (Python) ;
    • Databricks as the central platform for querying and storing data (On AWS) ;
    • Spark for some distributed data processing (via Databricks notebooks written on Python or Scala) ;
    • Drone for CI/CD process ;
    • DBT for data transformations (using databricks spark driver) ;
    • Postgresql as the destination layer for data accessibility ;
    • Superset and ReDash for data visualisation ;
    • And more parts to come ! (Kubernetes for deployment, Unity catalog…).

    Preferred experience

    Requirements :

    • You have 4+ years of experience working as a data engineer ;
    • You have an advanced SQL level and know some scripting language ;
    • You have a solid development background using Python or Scala ;
    • You have experience with software development processes (Git / Code Review / CI / CD) ;
    • You have experience working on a data architecture in a cloud environment (AWS is a plus !) ;
    • You already worked with a big data engine (Spark is a plus !).

    Here are all the other advantages of joining us:

    🏢 Beautiful offices in the heart of Paris (Sentier) ;
    👨🏻‍💻 A talented technical team passionate about our mission ;
    🎉 Off-site events and regular after works ;
    👫 A young and innovative team ;
    💸 An attractive and uncapped package ;
    🍕 Restaurant tickets on your Swile card (4,25€ per day worked) ;
    ⚕️ The Alan mutual fund is 50% supported by Brigad ;
    🏋 Preferential rates on your Gymlib subscription ;
    💻 A Macbook ;
    🏠 Possibility of remote ;
    📈 Coaching sessions in 1:1 every week / Regular Manager Training ;
    🇬🇧 Weekly English and French lessons offered by Brigad ;
    ☮︎ A caring environment (Glassdoor rating: 4.6/5) ;
    🍳 Discover the Brigad experience by putting yourself in the shoes of one of our users for a day.

    Brigad guarantees equal opportunities to all candidates. Each application received is considered regardless of ethnic and racial origin, opinions, beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, health or handicap.

    Brigad’s fundamental values guide us each day to tackle those challenges with consistency and build a robust culture:

    • Brave: Be bold and make courageous moves ;
    • Impact: Do things that make a real difference ;
    • Care: Pay attention to all the people around you ;
    • Enjoy: Love what you do and have fun.

    Recruitment process

    Recruitment process :

    • A first call with our Talent Acquisition team ;
    • A second call with our Director Of Engineering ;
    • A second meeting by visio with the team you will be working with for a presentation and a case study that you will have a few days before the interview ;
    • A culture fit and a team fit in our office in Paris.

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