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Launched in 2016, Brigad provides on-demand staff for companies. If a restaurant is looking for a waiter tomorrow evening or a caterer needs chefs for a big event, Brigad has the answer! In a few minutes, Brigad can connect professional staff with businesses.

Brigad values people’s skills and experience and propose jobs in line with what they like and want to do.

Brigad believes in benevolent and useful innovation, in work as a society cornerstone, in the design of simple solutions that are accessible to all.

Brigad is currently available in Paris, Lyon and London and will soon be available in new cities in France & Europe.

“ ⚡️A new World of work is currently being shaped and we are part of it ⚡️”

What they are looking for

They strongly believe in their values and they are looking for them into every candidate :

  • Benevolence : Listen and care about others. Always question yourself and your methods.
  • Simplicity : They're solving hard and complex problems with simple solutions and tool.
  • Exemplarity : Embody what you want people think about you.
  • Work : We believe in Work as a cornerstone of humanity and society.
  • Ambition : Aim high, very high. Go big or go home.

Good to know

They like to work with a smile ! Team drinks, lunches and breakfasts are of course part of their everyday routine !

Welcome to you food, bicycling an running lovers ! (Yes they have a shower)

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