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Malakoff, Avignon, New York City


As a food-tech company, Algama harvests the potential of algae to create food that's good for both people and the planet. They explore plant-based products, still largely unknown, and they build with you the food innovations of the future. Algama’s goal is to feed 10 billion people by 2050, while preserving the planet and offering consumers additional and better choices in foods.

Their Story : After consuming microalgae for numerous reasons , Alvyn and Gaëtan conclude that it was a viable solution with the potential to redefine our food system for good. Algama was founded in 2013. World leader in microalgae food : Since its founding, Algama has been the world leader in microalgae food and is proud to have the support of world-class impact investors like Horizons Ventures, Blue Horizon Ventures, CPT Capital, Veginvest, Beyond Impact, Alwyn Capital. They are focused on bringing microalgae- based foods to market, they are working hard to make their ingredients and products super tasty, affordable and widely available.

Today they are less than twenty people based mostly in Paris’s area and they are expecting the team and they are looking for talents, innovators and entrepreneurs.

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What they are looking for

  • No standard profile
  • You are passionate about food, food innovation, and/or food transition
  • You are a rare bird ! you like to get out of the frame and know how to work and think outside the box
  • stressless guy
  • You manage your priorities and enjoy working on several topics at the same time.
  • You are an entre/intrapreneur

Good to know

  • The Algamates have lunch all together almost one time a week!
  • The R&D department offers weekly testings of prototypes
  • Some of them take advantage of the spaces to play Fifa or Smash Bros after lunch or before snoozing
  • They love creativity and entrepreneurship, they also love responsibility and action; they often pitches new product ideas, some of which are now real companies like The Good Spoon Co.
  • Regularly they do an Algamapero or something like that.
  • They're not all from Brittany!

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