Hong Kong, Paris, Sydney


Sparkmate is the first venture studio 100% Climate 100% Hardware.

We're a tribe of fearless makers, on a mission to solve our world's most pressing problems with hard tech and industrial solutions. We partner with visionary founders and big corporations to make big impact through large-scale, practical solutions.

We’re playing the long game and want to build something legendary. Our plans go far beyond what anyone would imagine. So as we continue expanding our horizons and internationalization, we’re always looking for intrepid builders who will share our ambition and goals, and make this legend a reality!

What they are looking for

Sparkmate is designed for individuals who want to power the most innovative projects in the world!

We are looking for passionate, ambitious people who:

💙 Care (to give our clients the best experiences: from understanding their needs and challenging their ideas, to building the best prototypes and finding their first users!)

🧰 Desire to deep dive and get their hands dirty

⛏️ Take ownership and responsibility

🚀 Love the world of technology, engineering, innovation and possibility

🚂 Learn by doing in a fast-paced industry and environment

Good to know

💣 We were born in 2020. We've grown in a context of extreme chaos. It’s in our nature to embrace challenges as opportunities!

🌍 We are global. We are present in 4 countries, but operate internationally and aim to grow in diversity! Our tribe has more than 10 nationalities and languages spoken.

🏹 We are a tribe. Our flat structure calls for a shared and distributed leadership, we believe anyone can lead as we support each other!

⚙️ We are doers: Everyone is given an incredible amount of freedom and autonomy at Sparkmate, from interns on up. We trust you!

🏗️ We are the shareholders. After one year in the company, you will earn the right to earn shares in the company - Sparkmate grows with you!

💸 We are self-funded. Since day one, we haven't brought in outside financing. Someday we might need to raise funds, but let's build something legendary first.

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