Past and future

Our Mission

⚡ Change the way people build products

💫 Create a global tribe where teammates build fulfilling and exciting lives

One mission doesn’t work without the other, we are building a legacy! We don't want to build something at the expense of our teammates and we won’t have a happy team if we are not making real change happen around us!

Our Mission
Our story

Our story

Morgan, Max and Ghis are 3 engineers coming from the world of IoT. They launched Sparkmate in 2020 with the ambition of helping entrepreneurs, startups and businesses solve tomorrow's world challenges with tech.

The most important part about building a product or business is the team behind it. This is why we aim to build crazy, exciting, fulfilling lives for our mates!

Company values

🛎 Done is better than perfect

Our ability to deliver quantifiable results is key. We are moving fast, but we don't rush the things we do, we solve the most immediate problems. Make things real as quickly as we can!

🙋‍♀️ Own it or leave it

Be intense and go deep. We are not just playing around with what we do or what we learn. Hold yourself accountable for all you do!

🤸 Embrace change

Our world is uncertain, and uncertainty doesn't care about our plans. Don't worry about the things we can't control, accept them, and rule over the rest.

🎎 Make it obvious

Being transparent is one thing, but making sure things are understood by others is better. Share intelligible information!

✨ Give the Spark

A spark is all it takes to start a huge fire - we are lit up by this special spark that is us, let's make sure to share it with others by our actions. Share what you know, do what you can!

Life at Sparkmate

🎉 Afterworks with the tribe

  • If there’s any team that knows how to work hard and play hard, it’d be us ;) From just chill drinks after a long week to a party with neon lights and dance battles at the office, we use these afterworks to wind down and bond with each other! (As you wish, of course!)

🛩 Off-site trips when we can

  • The best part about being in technology is you won’t always need to be at a certain place. So we travel the world as a team and jump in pools in between tasks. We’ve visited Lisboa, Malta and Archachon in the past 2 years, where to next?

📅 4 day work weeks

  • Our tribe is filled with driven and passionate individuals who want to take ownership of their personal and professional growth - what better way to help nurture that by giving them the freedom to do it when they want, where they want?

💬 Exclusive SparkChats

  • There’s always new things to learn and more perspectives to see! Every other week, we invite pioneering guests to exclusively talk about their expertise and provide us with their inspiration, new perspectives and deepened learning in various industries.

🕺🏼 Do your life, Queen/King!

  • Are you a night owl and prefer to start days later? Do you go gymming in the afternoon? Need to pick up a package at X? Whatever it is, do what you need to - as long as the work you’ve been entrusted with is being well taken care of! You don’t need anyone to dictate your time ;)

The world needs people who care

We do not define ourselves as a social enterprise or a profit for purpose business. We have not applied for any labels like Bcorp, ISO 9001 Environment Clause, or any other green awards.

To be frank, we don't need a label or a norm to teach us how to behave - we are responsible adults! So we avoid being assholes: we turn off the lights when they’re not in use, we don’t turn on the AC or heaters when they’re not needed, we recycle and upcycle as much as possible, we don't print sheets of paper for what can be digital, we don't put things in the trash when we can store them to be reused later. ‍ When designing a new product, we always try to think long term; even if we prototype, we design for disassembly, and we do not make a server run 24/7 if we need it for just a little while! You get the idea, we aren’t asking anyone to become hardcore environmentalists! We just believe that caring about the future should be the norm and that companies play a key role in building new, sustainable standards.