Morgan is a hard-charging entrepreneur and engineer who takes pride in seeking out and solving strong challenges. He truly believes that there is something broken in the way people build products, which is why he co-founded Sparkmate with Maxime and Ghislain! Never tell him that something is impossible, he will reply “Watch me”, his craziness and abundant energy always led him to unexpected situations… When he is not working on building Sparkmate, he spends most of his time on the sport fields. Morgan likes to say he is an Intern at Sparkmate (he also likes making bad jokes).

Juliette joined the company not long ago, she started her career in the hardware industry and then switched to 42 School to learn how to code. She is the definition of being fullstack, able to use a laser cutter like nobody else and then code in nodeJS! She's afraid of nothing, spends her free time riding a skateboard during the summer and all her winter weekends in the Alps kicking 360s on the slopes with her snowboard! Juliette is a Product Engineer at Sparkmate, specialized in Software and Cloud Platforms.

Rémi is the living and breathing definition of being a doer! He started working at Sparkmate as an intern and progressively (well, it was more lightning speed, but that’s another story...) ramped up to becoming one of the key players in the team! His willingness to learn has no limits and this allowed him to broaden his working scope from mechatronics and CAD to overseeing our most challenging industrial projects! He loves riding motorcycles, cooking cakes, and climbing! Remi is a Product Engineer at Sparkmate, specialized in Mechanics and Mechatronics.

Sasha is one of the first to have joined Sparkmate. After starting his career as a lawyer in the tech industry in Moscow, he realized that what he wanted was to actually build products! He started to learn how to code by himself in OpenClassroom and joined Sparkmate later on! Sasha is committed to his goals, his reconversion speaks for itself. He is also a true sport, he plays in the national championships of floorball and is also passionate about VR and 3D! Sasha is a Product Engineer at Sparkmate, specialized in Software and Cloud Platforms.

Thomas is one of the key players in the team, he was one of the first to join the company! Technically nothing is impossible for him, he often takes pride in showing that you only need ownership and dedication to build great products. In addition to this he also cooks lamb better than your grandma! He hates talking about making things, what he likes is doing things; lucky for him Sparkmate has almost no meetings! Thomas is a Product Engineer at Sparkmate, specialized in IoT and embedded systems

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At Sparkmate, we believe that time to market is the key when launching a new product or a new business!

We are building up a team of product lovers and innovators to help entrepreneurs jump from an idea to an outstanding product as quickly as possible. We are a tribe with a wide range of skills, and we build products in matters of weeks rather than months, from fully digital to fully physical products, including complex IoT.

Sparkmate was born in 2020, growing in the context of a pandemic! To date, we haven't (and do not plan to) brought outside financing into the company. We are playing the long term game and will build something legendary, our plans go far beyond what anyone would imagine! After helping many clients in Europe develop their product, we’re now on our way to expanding our horizons and building a truly international company with hubs all around the world! We are assembling a team of rockstars to help us make this legend an amazing reality!

What they are looking for

Our team is focused on providing the best product development experience to our clients, from understanding their needs and challenging their ideas, to building the best prototype and product we could imagine! We are incredibly diversified with lots of different expertises, from mechanics experts to cloud development wizards.

Sparkmate is designed for ambitious people who want to power the most innovative projects in the world! We are looking for passionate people with a team-player mindset, strong expertise and, above all, the ability to learn by doing in a fast-paced environment.

Good to know

Sparkmate aims to build the best place to work for product people! Here are a few things that makes Sparkmate so special:

  • We are global: We thrive to be global and grow in diversity. As of today, we are present in 4 countries, speak more than 10 languages and have 8 nationalities in the team
  • We are a tribe: Our flat structure calls for a shared and distributed leadership. Being a leader may feel unnatural at first, but we believe and have been proven true that anyone can step up and own parts of a project. We are a team, we act like teammates and we call out anyone who does the opposite.
  • We are doers: We’re given an incredible amount of freedom and autonomy at Sparkmate. That goes for everyone, from interns on up. We trust you to figure out how to approach a problem.
  • Rocking Friday: every Friday is dedicated to the team, we don't work for clients. Team building, talks with amazing guests who share their knowledge and experience, crazy internal projects... every friday is different but the main purpose is learning and growing

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