Hong Kong, Paris, Sydney

Remote policy

We have hubs in Hong Kong 🇭🇰, Paris 🇫🇷, and Sydney 🇦🇺, but live, work and operate internationally 🌎 Our mates are situated in any of our hubs, or are fully remote!

Being born in 2020 amidst the pandemic, we ensure that our ways of work make it easy to work from anywhere in the world.

💬 Asynchronous communication for worldwide collaboration

Having mates all around the world on different timezones mean we need to have a strong and clear written culture! No, we don’t need long reports, just a habit of making it easy for anyone to obtain and make use of information in their own times. No immediate responses needed, and meetings are avoided as much as possible!

In each of our hubs is where the magic happens! From general business development and sales, to completing our software and hardware products.

Sydney 🇦🇺

To be released soon! ;)