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Oct 02, 2019

Livio-Emilio Sanna

Acquisition Manager

Oh My Job is a web series dedicated to discovering jobs as explained by in-the-field professionals. In this episode, Livio, a traffic manager, tells us about his job and day-to-day tasks at Ouibus.

A traffic manager’s job is to generate visits to websites or mobile apps by setting up and tracking online ad campaigns.


A traffic manager’s main task is to monitor internet users’ browsing habits and incite these users to visit a website or download an application. To successfully carry out their mission, traffic managers must be able to put themselves in consumers’ shoes and predict reactions to online promotional campaigns. They follow a loop of procedures to help them do their job and constantly improve their choices of digital ads and slots. Traffic managers begin by drawing up a sales demonstration plan to attract potential customers or users. They build up their message and select the media or social networks where the ads will be displayed. The demonstration plan varies according to a predefined budget and sales objectives (such as the number of sales).

They will then roll out the plan across social networks and search engines before beginning to analyze how successful it is. After this analysis, they can identify areas of improvement for the next campaign. Lastly, throughout the entire process, they must track, analyze, and understand their companies’ customers and the future clients they can target. Keeping up with other media and ad campaigns is fundamental in fulfilling a traffic manager’s missions.

“Monitoring means putting yourself in the customers’ or web users’ shoes. That means actively using all the apps or websites that can be visited every day to see the ads.”

Career path:

University degree, business school, studies in marketing and communications, or even being self-taught—the paths to a traffic manager position are varied since it is a relatively new profession. Obtaining at least a two-year degree is a plus, nonetheless. Training in digital communications or even in marketing is the best way to build up the primary skills needed for this job.


The skills needed for this position are an excellent grasp of web and marketing culture, comfort in working with numbers and SEO, and an affinity for any challenge. Traffic managers must understand not only tracking and back-office publicity tools but also users and their likely reactions to advertising plugs. Traffic managers are organized, adore analysis, and watch their actions with a critical eye to improve their ad campaigns on a constant basis.

“Monitoring the online ad campaigns to understand how customers behave and why they buy. This is important because it allows us to allocate our budget more effectively.”


A traffic manager works with the sales teams and the communications department. They act as the liaison between consumers and the company. While this differs from company to company, traffic managers are often attached to the marketing department and report to the chief marketing officer. They can also be part of a traffic acquisition team, under the supervision of an acquisition manager.

Salary range:

In the US, traffic managers can earn a gross salary of between $3,600 and $4,800 per month depending on experience.

Career growth:

One possibility for advancement as a traffic manager is taking on more managerial responsibilities as the head of a team of traffic managers. Other options are towards sales or marketing manager positions. Some traffic managers also choose to become consultants.

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