Sectors & jobs

  • Back-end Developer

    Back-end Developer

    Back-end developers are in charge of the entire technical side of a product—everything that users do not see when they are on an app or the internet.

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  • Social media manager

    Social media manager

    What does a social media manager do? A social media manager oversees and develops the brand image and its products on all social media platforms.

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  • Risk Analyst

    Risk Analyst

    Are you curious about what a Risk Analyst does? A Risk analyst identifies, assesses, and monitors the risks to which a company is exposed.

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  • CFO


    A CFO manages a company's cash flow, debt, and fiscal analysis. CFOS report their figures to executives and suggest strategies for financing plans.

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  • Copywriter


    A copywriter’s job is to come up with ad ideas for different types of media and the words that best express these ideas.

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  • IT Consultant

    IT Consultant

    An information technology consultant, also known as an IT consultant, helps businesses create value and optimize their performance through technology.

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  • Front-End Developer

    Front-End Developer

    Front-end developers write the UI code for websites and applications. They take care of the way a user interacts with a site or an app.

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  • Traffic Manager

    Traffic Manager

    What does a Traffic Manager do? A traffic manager generates visits to websites or mobile apps by setting up and tracking online ad campaigns.

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