Front-End Developer

Oct 09, 2019

Oh My Job is a web series dedicated to discovering jobs as explained by in-the-field professionals. In this episode, Yannick, a front-end developer, tells us about his job and day-to-day tasks at Cozy Cloud.

Front-end developers write the UI code for websites and applications. They take care of the way a user interacts with a site or an app.


Front-end developers create the codes for displaying a website UI and the elements users need to interplay with the site. They are responsible for making the visual part of the site functional, intuitive, and easy-to-use for visitors. By following the layout and roadmap set up for the development of a site or an app, they build and maintain these interactive components by constantly improving the site to make it more effective and appealing.

“This is the job for you if you like to create something from nothing and see it used in the real world.”

Career path:

No typical path exists for this type of job; the most important skill is mastery of computer languages, such as Javascript, and developer tools like Vue.js and React. College degrees for this field include engineering or technical degrees in multimedia. Professional “boot camps,” as offered by Le Wagon, for example, are available to kickstart a front-end developer’s career.


Although patience, logic, and pragmatism are often expected from developers, front-end developers must also have a strong sense of design as their work directly impacts the visual identity of brands and websites.

“Be a bit pragmatic and self-reliant, too… a front-end developer must have a certain awareness of graphics and design. We often have to make small decisions about the interface or re-do what someone else has done.”

Important prerequisites exist for most front-end developer positions, like full mastery of HTML5 and CSS3 markup elements and Javascript, as well as familiarity with W3C standards.

“The technologies and practices change often, so you have to stay up to date, and that’s not always easy.”


Front-end developers work closely with the product team in order to understand the needs of the project, the improvements to implement, and the roadmap to be followed. As they handle the visuals for websites, they also work with design teams to understand what interfaces are required to look like. An empty interface is no fun, so front-end developers work closely with back-end developers in charge of the behind-the-scenes data that fills in the UI.

Salary range:

The average salary in the United States is about $6,300 gross monthly.

Career growth:

Front-end developers can become back-end or full-stack developers if they acquire the necessary skills. They can also specialize in UX/UI designing or app architecture.

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