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Who are they?

ZELIQ was created early 2023 by Dorian (CEO, ex. Hivency co-founder), Victor (CTO, ex. Pumpkin co-founder) and Guillaume (COO). 

As a CEO of Hivency, Dorian created a successful company (+130 people, +7m€ ARR) sold to Skeepers (PSG Equity) in 2021 where business was provided almost exclusively by sales outbound strategy. 

Since Skeepers, he has joined several company as board member/ business angel and identified the same pain for almost all of them: the lack of outbound culture. 

He decided to create ZELIQ in order to provide a SaaS solution that will help companies to resolve this pain in a hybrid work environment. To reach the ambition to be the SaaS sales tech leader, he has to find the best co-founders and ask Guillaume and Victor to join him in this futur unicorn. 

Our mission is to empower the next generation of sales reps to scale their best stories.


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