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ZELIQ was created early 2023 by Dorian (CEO & co-founder), and Guillaume (COO & co-founder).

As a CEO of Hivency, Dorian created a successful company (+130 people, +7m€ ARR) sold to Skeepers (PSG Equity) in 2021 where business was provided almost exclusively by sales outbound strategy.

Since Skeepers, he has joined several companies as a board member/ business angel and identified the same pain for almost all of them: the lack of outbound culture.

He decided to create ZELIQ in order to provide a SaaS solution that will help companies to resolve this pain in a hybrid work environment. To reach the ambition to be the SaaS sales tech leader, he has to find the best co-founders and ask Guillaume to join him in this future scale-up.

We aim to make selling easy. Our mission is to empower sales teams by revealing accurate prospect data and turning them into clients.

We are making outreach more profitable. Cold calling, Cold Email, and Databases… are a salesperson's primary success keys, so we've created a sales engagement platform that provides precise prospect data and enables seamless omnichannel outreach.

What they are looking for

ZELIQ’s team core values are ownership, pushing oneself to new heights, team spirit, ambition, and radical candor. We believe that this combination of values helps to create a positive, dynamic, and high-performing work environment.

We're on the lookout for individuals who gravitate around these values because we’re convinced that it's this shared commitment that contributes to making our company truly exceptional.

If you're someone who aligns with our principles, we invite you to join us in creating an even more amazing and fulfilling workplace.

Good to know

With ZELIQ, we provide on-market-salary, above-market BSPCE policy and above-market benefits & perks like remote first work environment, home office equipment sponsorship, flexible working hours, quarterly company events and pet friendly HQ

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