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Welii’s core Growth team is growing and is now looking for a Growth Outbound Manager !

After testing the outbound channel for +6months and got some interesting learnings, we now want you to double down on it as there is still a lot to do.

We are looking for someone who will bring the outbound strategy to the next level. For that we’re looking for someone who knows how to set up high-interest rate campaigns (think intent-based) and who will be launching new verticals and new countries to support the company’s growth !

Welii’s business is a huge playground for outbound, considering all the intent that could be leveraged. It’s a huge opportunity to be creative and built innovative outbound campaigns.

The growth team is growing fast and is very ambitious. Our objective is to build a world class team to create a leadgen machine to support the sales team to close more deals. Within the team we are result-oriented, committed to getting things done with a creative and test and learn mindset ! We want the team to be successful, that’s why we are committed to provide the team with the best ressources (people and tools) to make sure we are equipped for success.

As our Growth Outbound Manager, you’ll report to the Growth Lead and work closely with the Sales team. Your mains missions are the following :

  1. Build a consistent, predictable, repeatable, measurable outbound leadgen process

  2. Generate over 400k€ pipeline / month

  3. Create and intent-based machine

For that:

  • You Build the outbound strategy : You design the outbound strategy in collaboration with the Growth Lead to drive growth and increase revenue. You identify the campaigns to prioritize, plan them, and execute them.

  • You Execute outbound campaigns that generate meetings : You identify the right intent and craft a copy that stands out, define the cadence, and set up the parameters in instantly to ensure a maximum deliverability. You’ll make sure they are adapted for our ICPs : CFOs and CTOs.

  • You Test and learn : You iterate fast and try new intents, new copy, new verticals and new countries to indenfity our best performing campaigns to meet the pipeline objective.

  • You Support marketing initiative : You design and execute pre-event acquisitions campaigns to fill marketing events and distribute content (in person events, webinars, new content, lead magnet…) with our content marketer and our brand new event marketing manager.

  • You Scale the outbound : Starting from the existing, you improve the scrapping and enrichment automation and the emailing infrastructure to automate the successful campaigns, turning them into a repeatable leadgen machine.

  • You Monitor the performance : You monitor and report on key performance metrics, including lead generation, conversion, revenue and customer acquisition costs

Profil recherché

Main requirements:

  • You have minimum 3 years of experience on a similar role

  • You have already worked in the SaaS industry selling high ACV (+20k€)

  • You are a great copywriter, you know how to write copy that stands out and resonate with your target audience

  • You have already opened new markets or verticals

  • You have a Test & Learn mindset

  • You have already succeeded in building and scaling an outbound strategies via automation tools

  • You are curious about the outbound ecosystem, you know all the best-performing tool

  • You speak both French & English fluently (spoken and written)


  • You know how to use Hubspot, Instantly, Albacross , FullEnrich, La Growth Machine, Make, N8N, Sales Navigator…

  • You can play around with Data, No-Code & API

  • You already built an outbound team

  • You already targeted C-Levels with outbound campaigns

Perks & Benefits


  • 8 to 11 RTT a year (statut cadre forfait jour - convention Syntec)

  • 70% of the social security paid by the company

  • Swile card (10€/day, 50% paid by the company)

  • Flexible remote policy

  • 1 offsite and 3 onsites each year

  • Referral bonus (300€ to 5000€)

Déroulement des entretiens

  • Step 1: People Meet & Greet with the People Manager - 45 minutes

  • Step 2: Manager Meet & Greet with your future manager - 45 minutes

  • Step 3: Case Study with your future manager & our Growth Advisor - 1 hour

  • Step 4: Culture fit interview with the Chief Strategy Officer (and co-founder) & the Team Lead BDR + Meeting with the CEO - 1 hour

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