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Founded in 2017 by Anton Soulier, one of Deliveroo’s first executives and food fanatic, Taster has quickly become a hugely successful, speedily expanding, international food tech brand.

The foundations were created of an idea that’s thriving - a premium experience, sustainable all round, and most importantly delicious restaurant quality delivery-only food that travels well.

They create their own digital-only food concepts, currently counting at three brands, with their own tech to keep it on a sustainable path - including an algorithm that accurately predicts the right amount of ingredients to order and prepare for each of our restaurants’ dishes on a daily basis. A great way to drastically reduce food waste.

Fast forward to their 2 year anniversary in July 2019, they now have 12 bases across Paris, London and Madrid, with more opening at lightning speed, and 3 City HQs in each. Taster kitchens contain six brands:

  • Mission Saigon - their Vietnamese cuisine,
  • Out Fry - their Korean Fried Chicken,
  • O Ke Kai - our Pacific Poke Bowls and Sushi.
  • Take-Out-Thai - rural Thai street food created by chef John Chantarasak
  • A Burgers – their veggie burger kitchen. Big flavour, no meat.
  • and Stacksando – MasterChef winner Tim Anderson serves up katsu sandos and more in this Japanese comfort kitchen

They outsource their delivery process over to Deliveroo and Uber Eats, leaving all their focus directly on the quality of the customer experience from beginning to delicious end.

What they are looking for

Here at Taster, they admire creativity, an ambitious drive for success and ideas that scope beyond the normal box. They’re constantly thinking of the future, constantly pushing for growth, constantly evolving. They’re a diverse team of all nationalities and all ages, each bringing their own thing to their team. Their ideal candidate is resilient, self-driven and has high standards both for themselves and the work to be achieved.

Good to know

They’re all about a team mentality, and rewarding successes! You’ll find regular team drinks, social lunch times and people around to push you on & support you. They love food, eating, and sharing meals, they are TASTERS!

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