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Production and Analytics Manager

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Début : 31 décembre 2023
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The missions associated with the position encompass two main aspects: production management and product data analysis.

Your tasks for the production management part will be as follows:

  1. Improve production monitoring to adopt a more proactive approach to issues encountered in production. You will also be responsible for communicating the production status internally, especially to the Sales team.

  2. Contribute to the enhancement of the production process, including modifications to the production apparatus.

  3. Formalize the management and tracking of ad hoc projects, which often involve a significant level of manual intervention and collaboration with federations or international organizations.

  4. Identify opportunities to expand our league coverage

  5. Manage relationships with data suppliers necessary for production.

Your tasks for the product data analytics part will include:

  1. Maintain and execute scripts developed by the product team.

  2. As your knowledge expands, you will also be called upon to address specific issues within product initiatives.

  3. Make product analytics data accessible within the company and automate all recurring data analysis tasks that you perform.

In terms of how your time will be allocated, we believe that half of your time can be dedicated to each of the two subjects.

The team

You will join the Product and Operations team. On a daily basis, you will work with:

  • Operations, which handles manual interventions on the production tool.

  • The product team (3 product managers).

  • The Software team, responsible for maintaining and developing the production tool (7 developers).

You will also collaborate with the Sales team, as well as the Computer Vision and Prediction teams, whose algorithms are integrated into the production tool.

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Key skills

Production related

You need to be able to

  • Clarify and document processes

  • Monitor production

  • Report on production status

  • Coordinate people

  • Work with deadlines

Data Analysis

❗ To be clear, you DON’T NEED to be a software engineer.

You need to be able to

  • Read Python code and write basic scripts, SQL-like Queries and work with Excel/Google Sheet

  • Extract and communicate insights

  • Have a consultant mindset, you must be more than just an executor and be able to advise on both the data to be looked at and the interpretation to be made.


You need to be able to

  • Write and speak english (all the documents are in english and some members of the team do not speak french)

  • Communicate ideas and coordinate with a wide range of people, from technical to business oriented people

  • Have a good understanding of technologies (internet, server, client, cloud, API, database, machine learning …)


  • Transparent: you are not afraid of saying when you screwed up, you take responsibility for your choices

  • Straight to the point but diplomate: you know how to communicate clearly but without hurting people

  • Driven: you like being in charge of topics and making decision yourself

  • Rigorous and detail oriented

  • Eager to learn: you will need to learn how our production pipeline work, how we currently extract product usage data, …

Nice to have

  • You speak french

  • Football fan

  • Deep football industry knowledge

Your experience

Apply if you believe you possess the requisite skills, supported by a corresponding resume.

Extra consideration will be given to applicants

  • who have worked in Operations, Product Ops or Data Analysis

  • who can provide references

Déroulement des entretiens

The process should look like this:

  • Screening call (20 min) - to make sure we don’t waste your time

  • Homework - we give you an assignment to show you skillset

  • Videocall / In person meeting (2 to 3 hours) - Assignment discussion and Live Skill Assessment

  • Culture fit Interview

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