Backend Developer (Golang)

Backend Developer (Golang)

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    Who are they?

    Qomon is a Saas software and the best-in-class digital organizing platform & mobile app for NGOs, movements, campaigns and citizen-driven organisations.

    They equip organizations shaping the future and their teams of volunteers in 50+ countries helping them to build a movement, organize their communities on the ground and reach supporters around their cause.

    The vision behind Qomon is simple: People standing up for what they believe in deserve powerful & accessible tools to fight for their cause. They deserve powerful technology as you can find in any other sectors like logistics or finance.

    More than a company, they see themselves as a team that values action, brainpowers & empowerment.

    If it sounds like you, it’s time to jump in!

    Job description


    Are you fascinated by applying Software Engineering to the real world and noble purposes? Don’t wait, we have a challenging opportunity for you at Qomon!

    Quick disclaimers:

    • We welcome applicants that are (or will be) recent graduates! 🎓 (with very good software engineering knowledge and development skills – we pay more attention on seniority than experience here)

    • We really are into building a diverse, inclusive and authentic workplace! We don’t expect candidates to match and feel at ease with every line of this lengthy job description: if you are excited by the opportunity, we strongly encourage you to apply and we shall see what impactful role we can shape together 🚀

    We do believe it’s a one-of-a-kind opportunity

    • You will be taking part in a growing startup (and B-Corp), human-sized, with an experienced staff, supporting entrepreneurial mindsets, ownership, and with a very open / transparent / 0 bullshit company culture. Just like any team member, you will take part in the “100 jours”, our quarterly 2-day company-focused gathering where we share / learn / discuss roadmaps, practices, strategic choices, etc.

    • We are committed to a challenging, diverse and meaningful sector: citizen-driven organizations, NGOs, movements, campaigns, etc. all over the world.

    • We are closely collaborating with a wide range of citizen-focused actors and organizations in France and in 20+ countries. Qomon backend team is a key component of our company.

    • We are at stage where we are starting to have still a growing product (with lots of ideas in the backlog) and scalability challenges (not like Google though 🙄)

    As a Backend Developer, you may contribute to several areas

    • Software engineering: Develop, test, improve our utils, APIs & Backoffice

    • Database engineering: tune database models / requests / configurations

    • Data Engineering: automation & plumbing between systems

    • Product Development: collaborate on the design of next features

    • DevOps: work on CI/CD, monitoring, etc.

    • Client Support: help our CSM / AE team into finding the right solutions for our clients & prospects

    We obviously do not expect full proficiency over all those areas (awareness & curiosity will be valued).

    The backend stack

    Here is a bit of name-dropping regarding our stack in the backend: Unix, Golang, Microservices, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, KrakenD, RabbitMq, Presto, Trino & Dagster.

    More infra related: Docker, Docker Compose, Kubernetes, Ansible, Terraform, Monitoring (ELK + Grafana, + Datadog)

    The infra stack is shared, extended & owned by all the tech team (Backend, Frontend & Data).

    General team info

    Here is some quick information about the team.


    We currently are around 20 full-time employees and growing at a reasonable and organized pace:

    • Paris: CEO, 1 Ops / PM, 3 Sales, 1 Growth, 2 (+1 intern) Marketing, 1 CSM, 1 Data Scientist.

    • Bordeaux: CTO (/Backend) + 1 Backend, 5 (+1 intern) frontend devs, 1 Data-Scientist, 1 CSM.

    • Vancouver: 1 Sale

    We are expecting new full-time members in most Qomon teams by the end of 2023 and more later on ;)

    On another topic, the day-to-day language at Qomon in Bordeaux is French. In Paris it’s a mix of French and English as we are very lucky to have foreigners in the team! We are moving more and more towards English for company communication as we have non-French speaking members in the team.

    We meet (virtually) on a weekly basis for half an hour during our “Monday Digest” where everyone shares his/her weekly achievements and plans.

    We gather IRL for each quarter during the “100 days” (already described above).

    We have a 0 useless / unprepared meeting policy.

    We are a small team, the hierarchy is rather flat and there is no micromanagement. But this doesn’t mean that there is 0 management: team leaders, more senior members, and the CEO / CTO are always available on demand to discuss objectives, careers, everyday life issues, etc. And obviously, at least once a year 😊 It really is a collective adventure and we want everyone to feel at ease 🚀

    Team: Tech / Product

    So the tech team is mostly in Bordeaux 🍷(one of the Data Scientist is based in Paris, the other one moves a lot between the two hubs at the moment)
    It has a strong team spirit, it is composed of individuals with a diverse set of expertise, backgrounds and motivations which makes things interesting! 🔥

    To be clear upfront, not all processes are set in stone yet and we are regularly challenging our organization / scopes / etc.

    The current situation is that the product team works on 2-week sprints and we do quick written dailies to understand everyone’s progress and challenges.

    In terms of general tooling we are using Gitlab, Slack, Discord, Clickup & Notion.

    Team: Backend

    Our main focuses are to deliver awesome new features to our clients and keep the platform in a healthy running state. We are part of the Product team and work hand in hand with the frontend & data teams.

    👉 Two full-time members at the moment

    • Paul, one of our former interns 🌱

    I joined Qomon for the diversity of the challenges and the awesome working atmosphere that is still there after years. Being able to participate in a project that feels beneficial for society is also important to me and I really like the autonomy I have.

    • Jean-Baptiste, also CTO

    Your future objectives

    Here is a subset of your future objectives:

    • Implement the backend side of new features

    • Work on making our product more technologically scalable

    • Take part in creating the Product roadmap

    • Obviously, enjoy doing the tasks of the roadmaps ;)

    • Contribute to the company processes and discussions

    • Get fully familiar with the whole backend projects / architecture @Qomon

    • (optional) Move on to a Backend Team Lead role & mentor more junior team members, NB: don’t plan on having a 100% management position, we like to keep a hands-on crew

    What we have to offer 🎁

    💸 Competitive package to work — we believe it — in a fascinating industry with huge challenges coming in the nearest future :). Just to clear something upfront, we are not a 2021 French Scaleup burning cash nor Google. We try to be a worthit adventure.
    🗣️ Join a team as a first ~20 employees in a hand-on and international environment
    🏢 Paris office in “Le Marais” or Bordeaux office in “Saint Michel”
    🫂 Take part in a small team with a huge ambition
    🔥 Freedom to act and to develop your skills within an experienced & growing team
    🚄 Regular team offsites every quarter to stay trained and aligned (but also have fun) (les “100 jours”)
    🚉 50% coverage of your transport tickets
    ⚕️ The highest-level of Alan health coverage 90% supported by Qomon
    💻 A computer, and what you need to work
    🏠 Possibility of (partial) remote
    📱 Product first team with huge ambitions in an incredible momentum
    🅱️ Qomon is certified B-corp. Certified B Corporations are a new kind of business that balances purpose and profit.

    Paris only for now:
    🍓 Fruits and Candies on Mondays at the Office
    🧘 Yoga class on Wednesdays

    Preferred experience

    • Proficient & passionate about backend development, ready to take new challenges,

    • Able to autonomously & rigorously deliver new features,

    • You are or feel ready to write production backend code — preferably in GoLang,

    • Familiar with PostgreSQL & ElasticSearch,

    • Willing to join the team in the beautiful city of Bordeaux or Paris. The current general company rule is at least 2 days in the office a week.

    • Interested in working / ok to work with a wide range of political organizations,

    • You have a professional level of English (>= B2 in Reading / Writing / Speaking),

    • Flexible enough for the evolving nature of a startup & rigorous enough for working with complex systems,

    • Ability to finish things,

    • Interested in taking part in both BUILD & RUN, and not afraid of dealing with a bit of legacy code (of course we have some, who doesn’t?)

    • (bonus) Interest in citizen-driven organizations.

    Recruitment process

    Subject to changes.

    • A brief screening call with Florent (Data / R&D Team Lead @Qomon – also current infra guy) & quick technical discussions

    • Talk with Jean-Baptiste (CTO & Backend Dev) & Paul (Backend Dev)

    • Qomon demo by a team member

    • Technical test done remotely & In office debrief (Paris or Bordeaux)

    • Getting to meet the Tech / Bordeaux / Paris team


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