Intelligence artificielle / Machine Learning

Paris, Boston, Frankfurt Am Main, Miami


Pelico exemplifies the transformative power of AI in industrial operations. Our SAAS Solution is designed to bridge the gap between operational challenges in industrial fields and technology, leveraging smart data.

PELICO's operations management platform equips factory teams with the agility and resilience to swiftly address supply chain disruptions and proactively mitigate their effects. By providing a single source of truth, our platform enables teams to anticipate bottlenecks, prioritize corrective actions, enhance cross-functional collaboration, and simulate alternative production and repair scenarios.

We empower factory teams to navigate daily volatility and consistently deliver products on time and within budget. Since our beginning in 2019, we have been dedicated to achieving outcomes through the implementation of impactful action plans based on real-time operations planning data. Notably, customers such as Safran Aerospace have experienced significant improvements, including a 37% reduction in parts shortages, a 15% increase in on-time deliveries, and a 42% decrease in MRO cycle times within just 10 weeks of deployment.

Supported by European investors and business angels, we are poised for expansion and committed to building trust within our ecosystem.

Ce qu'ils recherchent

In the early stages of company development, securing top talent is crucial. Our teams are still in the process of formation, and we meticulously consider every profile we select.

At PELICO, we foster an environment that celebrates individuality and embraces playfulness. We value hiring personalities as much as expertise. Recognition of skills begins from day one, and we provide ample opportunities for personal and professional growth within the company.

Above all, we seek individuals who are talented, curious, passionate, and equipped to tackle challenges from multiple perspectives. Transparency is central to our culture, empowering us to make impactful strategic decisions on a daily basis.

We welcome your inquiries and are eager to explore how you can contribute as a member of our team at PELICO.

Our values:

Empowerment Outcome orientation Ownership Resilience Playfulness

Bon à savoir

At PELICO, we implement a Smart Working policy designed to optimize productivity and accommodate various needs. This entails conducting work at the most suitable location and time, taking into consideration the requirements of tasks, customers, individuals, and teams.

Key components of this policy include remote flexibility, allowing for up to 6 weeks per year of remote work from any location, adherence to meeting guidelines, dedicated deep dive work sessions on Thursday afternoons, and regular Tea & Talk sessions for knowledge sharing every two months!

Furthermore, as part of our commitment to fostering a positive impact, we offer Stock Options (BSPCE) to all new permanent colleagues.

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