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Who are we ?

💡 Our mission

OVRSEA is a next-generation multimodal freight forwarder committed to simplifying & optimizing international freight management through technology. OVRSEA provides its clients with industry expertise and high end-to-end visibility to meet their needs on sea, air, road and rail over all transport stages, from loading to customs declarations.

Founded in 2017, OVRSEA currently supports +700 clients from its offices in Paris, Miami, Barcelona, Milano and is continuing its growth in 2024 hiring people internationally!

⭐️ Our culture

One of Ovrsea's great strengths is its ability to create a healthy environment in which team members feel fulfilled and comfortable. Five values structure our culture, which are :

- Pedagogy : many of the tech members have learned to code at Ovrsea. We foster a teaching culture so that all members can keep learning no matter how experienced they are.

- Caring : we strive to create a humane environment where people feel at ease while being able to continuously grow,

- Excellence : we give much importance to writing clean code and development best practices,

- Questioning : we’re always looking for ways to improve our code, infrastructure and product vision,

- Reliability : we are all committed to doing things right

Above all, we want to recruit people who are aligned with these values and who are committed to living them on a daily basis.

💻 The tech team

The tech team is organized around two core areas:

- Atlas: a groundbreaking Transport Management System designed exclusively for internal use, revolutionizing how we organize shipments across the globe and streamline various tasks. Being an internal tool, it offers us the flexibility to rapidly iterate, allowing for extensive testing and immediate visibility of our work's impact. This agile framework not only accelerates our operational efficiency but also enhances our ability to respond to shipping demands with precision and speed.

- OneChain: a new Transport Management System for our customers. Most companies manage their shipments using Excel and paperwork, causing mental load and time loss that can be optimized with this SaaS. The market is vast, and the project has already secured several clients within a few months.

Our team's structure consists of two specialized squads, each comprising 2 to 4 skilled Software Engineers and a dedicated Product Manager. These squads are each aligned with a distinct business objective, such as automatic pricing, sales activation and the development of OneChain among others.

Our Software Engineering approach is deeply influenced by the methodologies outlined in Accelerate. We implement a robust and efficient workflow, enabling 10 to 20 daily deployments for instance. This strategy significantly shortens our feedback loop. Moreover, we’re working very closely with our end-users, both operations teams and clients, leading to tangible and impactful outcomes.

You can get more information on our team 👉 here!

What is a Senior Software Engineer at OVRSEA ?

💪 Responsibilities

- Take charge of most complex epics, features & engineering projects

- Deliver code with high-quality standards

- Challenge product specifications

- Detect and anticipate technical problems and propose solutions

- Actively participate in the team processes (weekly tech meeting, PR reviews, pair-programming...)

- Mentor more junior developers and be a technical reference in the Software Engineering team

💡 Some of our current topics

⚙️ Engineering

- Elevating team confidence through advanced use of tools like Jest, ESLint, Cypress, and Storybook.

- Increase the adoption of DORA metrics for a granular analysis of our delivery performance, steering our continuous improvement process.

- Enriching team expertise with advanced engineering concepts such as hexagonal architecture, Functional Core Imperative Shell, inversion of control…etc

- Promoting the adoption of AI-enhanced tools to improve our Developer Experience, including Copilot for coding assistance and AI-enhanced documentation.

🚢 Business

- Leveraging AI for the automation of previously laborious tasks, such as OCR and interpreting unstructured data like emails or handwritten PDFs.

- OneChain: Embarking on one of our most visionary projects, set to introduce a suite of groundbreaking features developed from the ground up.

- Traffics: As we strategically pivot our focus towards serving medium to large enterprises, we are crafting an innovative system designed to manage recurring shipments, enhancing operational efficiency.

- Customs: In response to the rapidly evolving landscape of goods transportation law, particularly in customs, we're harnessing AI and cutting-edge software engineering to revolutionize the customs clearance process, significantly accelerating it for our clients.

🤝 What you'll get in this job

- Join a scale-up where humane values are at the core, offering a chance to grow in a compact, tech-savvy, and ambitious team.

- Benefit from personalized coaching sessions with an experienced freelancer during your onboarding, focusing on specialized skills and knowledge.

- Engage with cutting-edge technologies, including Terraform, Typescript, React, GraphQL, and more, as part of your daily toolkit.

- Contribute to a tangible industry, playing a key role in the global transportation of goods.

- Enjoy a modern office located in the vibrant heart of Batignolles (Paris 17e), complemented by a flexible remote work policy to balance your professional and personal life.

- Receive a competitive salary positioned in the top 25% of French Tech, reflecting your valuable contribution.

🌟 Desired profile : 

Your technical skills :

- You have at least 2 years’ experience as a Software Engineer

- A good knowledge of our stack (Typescript, React, Node)

- A good knowledge of complex craft concepts (inversion of control, hexagonal architecture...)

Your human qualities :

- Benevolent, you want to make people grow

- Pedagogue, to transmit your knowledge to others

- Humble, to quickly adapt to an ever-evolving tech world as well as to assimilate the specificities of the transport world

- Rigorous and demanding, with others as well as with yourself, you are committed to doing things right

- Motivated by impact and result

Nice to have :

- Knowledge of a development framework (Agile, Kanban, etc.)

- You have coached junior Software Engineers to produce maintainable code, using development best practices (readability, tests, decoupling, feedback loop...)

🤔 Still not convinced ?

To find out more about our organisation and tech culture, discover our different contents :

- Our culture book

- Our Medium

- Our stack

You are planning to join us ? Don't hesitate anymore and apply to join the crazy OVRSEA adventure ! ✈️

Our recruitment process

  • HR call with our Talent Acquisition Manager (30 min)
  • Live case study with our team (1h00)
  • Project interview with Nicolas, our Head of Engineering and Antoine, our CTO (1h30)
  • Speed recruiting with the team in our offices in Paris
  • At Ovrsea, we are committed to an inclusive recruitment process and to fostering diversity within our teams !

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