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Our team is at crossroads between material construction knowledge, infrastructure engineering and digital expertise, with the support of recognized partners.

For instance, our technology team works closely with IBM, AWS Services, HERE and Autodesk.

Our project engineers support clients such as the engineering firm AECOM - with whom we have a partnership focused on carbon reduction - and HOLCIM. We also have cross-functional expertise on the environment and carbon footprint calculations. And we are currently developing our BIM expertise as well as our social impact through a partnership with UNIDO. This approach is unique on the market.

Employee breakdown

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Discover the spirit of ORIS with Nicolas Mirvalls, our co-founder and CEO!

Nicolas is an engineer and has extensive experience in the road industry from site engineering to international contracting and business development. Aside from sustainable infrastructure designs, he is passionate about fusion-jazz musics and enjoys sailing on the Atlantic coast.

Join us if you want to give meaning to your expertise, and participate in the decarbonization of the infrastructure industry through digital transformation and BIM!

Nicolas, CEO


Hear all about how Data is at the center of our platform with Laurent, our Data Officer!

With 15 years experience in Data management and business intelligence in construction materials industry, Laurent drives the ORIS data team, leveraging data into innovative customer oriented solutions and valuable actionable insights. Aside from his enthusiasm for data and sustainable solutions, he is a huge fan of outdoor sports especially running and cycling.

ORIS supports the transformation of the infrastructure world by reducing the carbon footprint, improving resilience to climate change and using more recycled/local materials. We are just at the beginning of the adventure!

Laurent, Chief Data Officer

Lead Developer

Learn more on the technologies used by our development team with Guillaume, our Lead Developer!

Guillaume has a broad background on data, business intelligence, full stack development, decision model and machine learning. Aside from coding and modeling infrastructure designs, Guillaume is passionate about history. Fun fact, he's jinxed when he plays with dice!

Our platform is continuously under development. The challenges are numerous and inspiring!

Guillaume, Lead Developer & Data Structuration


Discover how you can evolve within ORIS with Alain!

Alain is one of our very first employees and has grown fast in his role as Project Engineer. He is a civil engineer with a masters in material science for sustainable construction. As a scout for 16 years, he enjoys camping and discovering new places during his free time and is also passionate about football.

Since I started at ORIS, I have grown a lot from a personal and professional point of view. I have seen my responsibilities increase and I gained more confidence in myself. This has allowed me to set the bar higher and higher!

Alain, Project Manager

Learn more on how sustainability is at the heart of our ambition with Jeanne!

After studying Philosophy, Jeanne graduated with a master degree specializing in Public relations and Influential Communication. Her first job is with ORIS in the Communication and Public affairs team. Apart from her interest and readings in social sciences, Jeanne is also found of sailing, getting on a boat whenever she can.

ORIS provides a concrete answer to current issues, may it be on environmental challenges or social dimensions. It's great to work on the development of a platform that is a game changer!

Jeanne, Communication & PA Assistant