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Past and future

Their story

Their story

ORIS was born in 2021 from an intrapreneurship initiative within the HOLCIM research center. ORIS' first year of activity was marked by the participation in major infrastructure projects such as the One-Hour Train in Finland and the first zero-carbon road in Great Britain. The company works with key players in infrastructure construction around the world such as AECOM, the Asian Development Bank and Egis. ORIS is in the midst of accelerating its development and growth.


R&D and incubation in the HOLCIM research center

October 2021

Official creation of the company

November 2021

National Highways Award for the first zero carbon neutral road scheme in Great Britain

Summer 2022

First rail project


Several partnerships signed with key players in the sector (AECOM, Asian Development Bank)

Their vision

ORIS is in the midst of a start-up phase and accelerating its growth. We are facing an increased demand for missions for which we are looking for "project managers" who accompany our customers on their projects. We are also looking for technical teams (dev, data) to accelerate the development of our platform in order to offer more services to our customers.

Their vision

Company values

Our company was founded on the values of respect and autonomy of its employees. Our teams are mobilized every day to bring innovation and added value to our clients. All of them are committed to helping the construction sector evolve towards more just, more responsible and more sustainable infrastructure.


Respecting colleagues and clients


Be responsible and in control of your projects

Agility and speed

Be flexible and responsive

Quality and results

Maximize the work done


Create a balanced and fun work environment


Think outside the box

Commitments and CSR

CSR is at the heart of our approach. One of the keys to making infrastructure more sustainable lies in construction materials. These materials are responsible for 85% of the carbon footprint of infrastructure. ORIS contributes to major environmental and societal issues by enabling more responsible construction of infrastructure, reducing carbon emissions and the use of natural resources - while connecting local communities.

Our purpose is to innovate in order to provide answers to current environmental and social challenges in the field of infrastructure construction

Nicolas Miravalls, CEO


Our partnership with the UN agency UNIDO aims to finance rural road networks by using ORIS' capacities on the main networks - for the development of local communities.