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Paris, Nantes, Strasbourg


📱Malou empowers restaurants through digital We leverage technology and expertise to support the restaurant's growth.

Customers’ acquisition now happens online for restaurants. They need to be visible and attractive across many platforms but it requires time & expertise they don’t have. We help restaurants reach their goals since 2018! We have bootstrapped the business for 4 years, building a profitable and expert company. Then we’ve raised money to accelerate, build a strong SaaS and expand the business abroad. Cash efficiently remains part of our DNA.

We serve more than 2000 restaurants across 12 countries and have tripled our revenue last year. We plan to repeat this +300% growth in 2023.

Ce qu'ils recherchent

🏡 WELCOME HOME Louiza and Waad, the founders have been friends for over ten years, and this family-like atmosphere is reflected in the work environment. At Malou, we cherish sharing and kindness every day, and we firmly believe that we work better when we feel at home, in a friendly and reassuring atmosphere. Malouers are caring, optimistic, and generous (and yes, we're talking about homemade 🍪)! we make sure both our team and customers keep being happy together. We will never sacrifice our teammates happiness for a customer.

🎯 STRAIGHT TO THE POINT It guides our day-to-day approach to work. We encourage direct and transparent communication. Within our team, you'll discover an environment where every idea, every action is geared towards the essentials.

🧪 TEST, LEARN, SHINE AND REPEAT Test quickly, get key learnings, and iterate to get to the best solutions.

🎒 EMPOWER YOURSELF AND YOUR SQUAD We value the spirit or initiative, mutual support and daily learning to make our team grow and shine

👍 MAKE A DIFFERENCE EVERYDAY We aspire to have a positive impact on the world, and we empower ourselves to achieve our ambitions, always with humility and kindness.

We are looking for individuals that shares our value and ambition to make Malou the #1 partner for restaurants in top food cities in Europe and in the US.

Bon à savoir

  • Development at all levels: commercial growth, new features, opening of cities and countries
  • Offices located in the heart of Paris, near Montmartre, close to our customers and bars (perfect for after-work gatherings and lunch breaks!).
  • Many outings to restaurants: clients often invite us!

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