E-commerce, IT / Digital, Économie collaborative

Nantes, Boston, Düsseldorf, Paris

Organization and methodologies

  • P&E (Product & Engineering) is organized in “swarms” of 6 to 15 people with a mix of skills (Back, Front, Mobile, Machine Learning, Design, PM, …)

  • Each swarm is responsible for a product scope. There are also transversal jobs with specificities (Infra/Platform, QA, Product Marketing Manager, Product Analyst, Engineering Managers...).

  • We use Scrum with a 6/6 framework: Daily, Weekly, and Retro so that the teams coordinate efficiently.

  • Sharing is at the heart of P&E's operation (Mentoring, peer programming, Back/Front guilds, e-learning platform…).

  • We have an Engineering Career Path, from Software Engineer to Staff Engineer or Engineering Manager.

  • We have an organization and methodologies that allow you to evolve in a modern and pleasant environment.

Recruitment process

The tech recruitment process is designed to help you discover iAdvize on the tech and corporate side. It also allows us to study your profile in its entirety and see if you have the Hard and Soft Skills to join us!

All this while having a great candidate experience :)

  • Call Recruiter (30mn)
  • Tech video interview with 2 Senior/Staff engineers (1h)
  • Management interview with the CTO and an Engineering Manager (1h)
  • {Optional}: Possibility to meet anyone you want at iAdvize (30mn)
  • Final exchange and visit of the premises with the Recruiter (45mn)

N.B: Our processes can also be done in full video.