Intelligence artificielle / Machine Learning

Cesson-Sévigné, Paris, Toulouse


Gladia was founded in 2022 with a specific goal: to make complex AI tools accessible to developers through plug-and-play APIs. Since then, its raison d'être has expanded beyond just developers to address a bigger need which has been identified in the market: Gladia believes that there is another way to work to unleash companies' full potential. Gladia's vision is to help companies become AI-driven.

Gladia’s first priority is then to facilitate the technical integration of AI by providing affordable plug-and-play APIs, which make it possible for private and public actors across industries to embed AI into their existing infrastructures with a single line of code.

Gladia helps companies build a knowledge infrastructure platform to connect all their internal text, audio or visual data and make it discoverable in real time through AI-powered semantic search and intelligent chats.

Gladia is convinced that all organizations should ultimately become “AI companies”, to the point where the term itself becomes obsolete in the upcoming years. The technology is ready for this tectonic shift to happen. Gladia is here to perform its ‘last mile delivery’.

Ce qu'ils recherchent

Gladia is looking for different types of talents operating in tech, Sales, marketing or product development.

The most important for Gladia is to build a team of Gladiators around the same values such as benevolence, honesty and transparency.

What brings our Gladiators together is a common passion for the technological field but above all for the success that crowns the efforts. It is with the will to create this common culture that Gladia will be able to succeed.

Bon à savoir

Our regular meetings:

  • Team daily: this meeting takes place every morning from 9:30 to 10:00 a.m. The goal is for everyone to quickly communicate on the ongoing tasks. This gives everyone a macro view. It's a team meeting.

  • knowledge shares or KS: this meeting takes place every other Friday on request. It allows a member of the team to present a subject that is close to his heart and that he masters, the goal being to share knowledge. All topics are welcome.

  • The retro: this meeting takes place every other Friday, alternating with the KS. It allows everyone to give their feedback on the past two weeks, whatever the topic (HR, technical, strategy, personnel, team, etc.)

  • D-Briefs: they take place on the last Wednesday of each month. During these meeting, the overall strategy, key figures (cash, cash-burn), HR decisions... are presented. This is an opportunity for all team members to ask your questions about Gladia.

Gladia rents offices in Paris, Toulouse and Rennes. Possibility to work remotely and/or work at the office.

Off-sites are regularly organized so the team can meet and create bonds.

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