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GitGuardian detects secrets such as API keys, database connection strings, certificates, ... in public and private source code.

Thanks to the startup’s Machine Learning algorithms, over 2.5 million commits are scanned per day, with a 4 second reaction time to any given leak.

This allows GitGuardian to raise approximately 1000 alerts to businesses and developers everyday, helping them to protect themselves against sensitive data leaks.

What they are looking for

GitGuardian is looking for passionate, detail-oriented and curious people, who want to learn more every day.

The team is young, dynamic and has huge international ambition.

They are ready to revolutionize the cybersecurity sector by creating innovative, transparent and enjoyable products.

GitGuardian’s values are:

  • We do what we say
  • We say what we do
  • We do it together

Good to know

At GitGuardian:

  • We are sports enthusiasts (jogging, yoga, table football :) )
  • We organise team building events, such as escape games, rock climbing, indoor football etc…
  • We know how to stay calm when protecting our customers against Russian hackers

In short, we are the ‘Guardians’ of Open Source!

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