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BIOMODEX is an innovative medical technology company based in Paris and Boston using 3D printing to create tissue-like anatomical twins from medical images, for patient-specific rehearsal and advanced training. The anatomically accurate twin is designed to provide critical tactile feedback which, when paired with our simulated blood flow stations, offers a unique and tailored end to end physician experience.

Our MISSION is to redefine patient-specific rehearsal and advanced physician training, leveraging our proprietary 3D printing technology to provide a unique and tailored tactile physician experience. Our VISION is to revolutionize preoperative planning resulting in safer surgical procedures and improved patient outcomes.

We are backed by industry leaders Philips Healthcare and Dassault Systemes. We are recruiting today the team that will build tomorrow’s healthcare.

Are you passionate about innovation and 3D printing technologies? Do you want to be part of tomorrow’s healthcare revolution? Join us!

What they are looking for

At Biomodex, they are looking for collaborators who are at ease in a dynamic, demanding and changing the environment.

  • They need team players who are motivated to help Biomodex grow.
  • They want people who spontaneously open to colleagues with different profiles in our office and our network: scientists, technicians, sales people, investors, journalists.

Are you eager to learn and push your limits ? Join them !

Good to know

To be recruited here are the Bonus criteria

  • Be crazy about fancy shoes;
  • Daring a tarot or other card games, or a PS4 soccer game at lunch time;
  • Enjoying good restaurants;
  • Oh, by the way, we have a monthly BFF... (Biomodex Fun and Families ) for nice outings together incl. friends and family.

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