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About Biomodex

BIOMODEX is an innovative medical technology company based in Paris and Boston using 3D printing to create tissue-like anatomical twins from medical images, for 1) advanced physician training and 2) patient-specific rehearsal.

OUR MISSION is to redefine advanced physician training and patient-specific rehearsal, leveraging our proprietary 3D printing technology to provide a unique and tailored tactile physician experience.

OUR VISION is to revolutionize pre-operative planning resulting in safer medical procedures and improved patient outcomes.

OUR STRATEGY is to become the market leader in 1) advanced physician training and 2) patient-specific rehearsal for complex, high risk, high volume, high payment, imaging based endovascular procedures.

We are backed by industry leader: Dassault Systemes. We are recruiting today the team that will build tomorrow’s healthcare. Are you passionate about innovation and 3D printing technologies? Do you want to be part of tomorrow’s healthcare revolution? Join us!

  • Employees

    From 15 to 50 employees
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  • Sectors

    Software, Health

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