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For 5 years, Max worked as corporate banker, helping mid-sized companies acquire investments and loans to grow their business. This experience taught him the value of lending an attentive ear to his collaborators, a skill he has endeavored to foster ever since.

Everyday, he works on anticipating needs and solving problems for team members and customers, and on building a thriving company culture.

After tasting the joys of research at McGill university, he dives head first into entrepreneurship with college friends. 8 years later, he co-founds Batvoice, which allows him to combine these two passions.

On the R&D side, he works on speech processing, from speech recognition to NLU and social signal processing (emotions, interaction).

On the product side, he translates client needs into specs, and has fun building pretty interfaces. When not absorbed in his work, Eric plays guitar, cooks for his friends, and builds furniture.

A signal processing and computer science enthusiast since childhood, he studies these subjects first at Ponts ParisTech shool then at ENS and Télécom ParisTech, before joining Batvoice and co-creating the Callwatch analysis platform.

He works on machine learning (speech to text, text analysis, change detection) and oversees the production infrastrucure. He will gladly discuss audio features, IPv4 stack and perspectives for a generic AI with you.

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Batvoice scans thousands of customer service calls every day for companies to help them improve their customer relation. Their AI Callwatch leverages Emotion & Speech Analytics to spot trends and eliminate pain points in the customer journey.

Batvoice’s core technology is built internally: speech recognition, NLU, NLP, social signal processing, and predictive modeling to streamline the customer journey.

What they are looking for

Batvoice is looking for highly motivated people eager to join a fast-growing dynamic startup and contribute to cutting-edge products and technologies.

You will work alongside seasoned engineers, business developers, data scientists and researchers coming from across the globe.

If you enjoy solving complex problems, learning new things, and working with like-minded enthusiasts, Batvoice is the place for you !

Good to know

You’re probably a good fit if you like:

  • Sharing and showing off your breakthroughs in meetups and other events organized by Batvoice;
  • Learning from business and research luminaries in conferences and training seminars;
  • Gourmet dinners (their CTO was a chef in a previous life, at least he thinks so);
  • Debating whether 22nd century humans will live forever served by benevolent AIs, or be ruled by robot overlords.

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