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Back Market
Back Market

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Back Market is the world’s leading refurbished electronics marketplace with a team of more than 650, powering operations in 16 countries (and counting!).

Back Market is undergoing meteoric growth and has raised $884 million, with a valuation of $5.7 billion. Our mission is simple: empowering people to buy tech sustainably by offering folks a high-quality, accessible, and more eco-friendly alternative to buying new electronics. Why? Refurbished tech helps lower our collective environmental impact.

Be part of a great and growing adventure that will change the way the world consumes tech.

Our engineering department, the Bureau of technology

Our technology department, known as the Bureau of Technology (BoT), is at the heart of Back Market. It consists of over 30 dynamic product teams that are engaged in developing and managing services to deliver significant value to our customers and suppliers. These teams are effectively supported by our Platform group, which includes more than 10 specialized teams addressing cross-cutting technical issues to enhance our operational capabilities.

In addition to these functional teams, we have established numerous groups dedicated to sharing knowledge across various technical disciplines, such as security, backend, frontend, AI, and mobile. These groups serve as hubs for collaboration and professional development, providing ample learning opportunities and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Our staff engineers also play a pivotal role throughout the company, lending their expertise across different domains. They provide leadership and technical guidance, promoting alternative career paths for growth beyond traditional management roles.

As a Experienced Backend Engineer, you will work closely with all members of your squad, and the Staff engineer of your group. Bi-monthly rituals with your group and the Backend Chapter will allow you to share what works for your squad, learn what works for others, and make sure your technical direction is aligned with the overall vision.

To know more about our Tech team, composed today of about 300 people, you can consult:

- A video of our CTO (ex- VP of Engineering):

- Our Career Site:

- Some articles written by member of the BoT:

Main technical challenges

Traditionally based on a monolith, Back Market's technical stack has been undergoing a radical transformation in recent years into a distributed and service-oriented architecture. This transition provides an opportunity to modernize the platform, raising engineering standards.

Building a set of efficient and loosely coupled services is one of the main challenges to face for the years to come. But teams are excited to independently control their release schedules, manage their data, SLAs, tools, and – ultimately – be responsible for their own service-offering. Meanwhile, Platform teams are working to provide a scalable, consistent and secure platform, one that makes engineering teams more productive.  

As an Experienced Backend Engineer, you will face the following challenges:

- understanding the general architecture of the system

- quickly grasping the organizational structure of the company

- being able to scope possible solutions for new features requested by the Product Manager

- offer pragmatic solutions and use a critical mind when discussing implementations

Our technical environment


Python - FastAPI framework




Django (being phased out)









Kubernetes (GKE) / Docker


ArgoCD / CircleCI / Github

What you will do in this role 🕵️

We are looking for an Experienced Backend Engineer to help us build & operate a set of efficient, high cohesion, low coupling services with {security, privacy}-by-{default,design} to support the growth of the business.

You will be working in an agile "build it and run it" environment where engineering teams build, launch, monitor and support the product that they own. 

We are looking for passion in creating systems by producing clean, consistent and well-organised code. As well as a good team player supporting colleagues and creating a learning and sharing environment!

English must be a no-brainer as you will join an international team dispatched in different locations around the world (US/FR/ES/JP). . 

Key responsibilities for this position as a an Experienced Backend Engineer : Produce & Optimize

  • Works autonomously on development tasks within the team's application or service.
  • Delivers high-quality code on time.ç
  • Demonstrates professional collaboration with teammates and peers.
  • Operates autonomously within the squad's technical scope.
  • Recruitment process

  • Call with Ana Gloria one of our tech talent acquisition specialist based in Málaga.
  • Technical Screening - 30mns code review
  • Tech Interview - 2h with two Engineers from the Tech Team
  • Team Fit interview with your future Manager
  • Back Market Values fit interview
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